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Year-Round Commercial Landscaping in Northern Rhode Island

Commercial Landscaping Services Year-RoundCommercial properties rely on full service landscaping to provide them with great-looking results and professionally maintained landscapes regardless of the weather. Spring, summer, fall and winter, when you own a commercial property, it needs to look its very best no matter what the temperature or weather. Integrating low maintenance solutions, such as landscape construction of hardscaping features, can add unique textures and beauty to your property.

Whether your business deals directly with the public, such as a retail outlet, or if you run a business to business type organization that meets with clients and vendors at your location, it is important to provide a solid first impression. Landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can provide you with much more than simple lawn care and maintenance. Our team at Eastern Landscaping, Inc. can provide a wide range of options, including landscape design, plantings, lawn care, seeding, sodding, tree trimming and even snow removal.

Lawn Maintenance for Commercial Properties
Some people think that lawn maintenance only occurs in spring and summer. Leaves get raked in the fall and snow gets removed in the winter. However, there are lots of other services going on behind the scenes that need to be done in order to keep a commercial property lawn looking its very best. Part of full service landscaping includes all of the mowing, trimming and edging that is required to help keep grass looking neat and trim.

Landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island also includes watering and fertilizing, making sure that the lawn gets what it needs to stay green. Patching, seeding, over-seeding, raking, aerating and testing the soil, are all other very important jobs that must be maintained throughout the year. While less attention to the lawn is required in the late fall through the early spring, regular clean-up and removal of trash or debris, can help to give your lawn a good, fresh start again when the snow begins to melt away.

Hardscaping Design for Commercial Properties
The services provided through professional landscape construction can be used to create low maintenance solutions that will look great all year-round. From retaining walls to fountains, winding paths to patios, community areas to picnic tables, landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can add all of the special features you require to help enhance your commercial property. For residential commercial properties, such as apartment or condominium complexes, fire pits, barbecue areas and other elements are quite popular. Office buildings appreciate water features, built-in furniture and patios to create an outdoor living area for private phone calls, meetings and other employee or company events.

Planting Services for Commercial Properties
Another area where Eastern Landscaping, Inc. excels is in regard to plantings. Whether you want to add trees, bushes, shrubs, grass, flowers or other greenery to your property, our team has the knowledge and the experience to get the job done right. Complete landscape construction and design is available through our team of professional technicians to ensure that your property is well-planned and properly maintained for long-lasting great looks. We can create color spots throughout the landscape, accent signage and other important elements, and work with you to find unique ways to enhance hardscaping elements.

Sod can also be planted for properties that desire instant results. Great for new properties, newly remodeled properties and properties undergoing landscape construction. Our team will work with you to figure out the best time and opportunity to install sod so it will establish properly and look its best. Whatever you need in the way of full service landscaping and planing, our landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can help you to achieve your goals. From trees to sod and everything in between, you can trust Eastern Landscaping to get the job done right.

Get a NO COST Estimate for Commercial Services
If you are in need of year-round, full service landscaping for your commercial property, you can trust the professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island available from Eastern Landscaping, Inc. Our team will come out to your property to provide you with a free, no cost estimate for any of the services you require, from landscape construction of low maintenance solutions to plantings, seeding and weekly maintenance. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our technicians or to learn more about the landscaping services that we provide.

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