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Wood Structures in East Greenwich Add to Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space GreenwichWhen designing an outdoor living space, it is important to include hardscaping elements that don’t just perform the task that they were created to perform, but that also look good and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. One way to achieve this is to hire your Rhode Island hardscape construction company to include wood structures, such as decks, sheds and arbors, into the design for outdoor living space in East Greenwich, and the surrounding area. Landscaping companies in Rhode Island who specialize in hardscaping and outdoor living space design, such as Eastern Landscaping, should be able to create wood structures to suit the function and flair of your property’s design.

Why Wood?
There are a lot of materials used in outdoor living space construction. Natural stone, paver products, brick, gravel and mulch, just to name a few. However, when it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor living space in East Greenwich, there’s nothing quite like the elegant look and feel of wood for many of the structures required to create a backyard paradise. Wooden pergolas are timeless and help to provide share, while still allowing air flow to come in to the outdoor living space. Wooden screens, made from lattice and other intricate patterns, can provide you with much needed privacy as you enjoy your backyard or entertain friends.

Arbors and trellises are great to add texture, beauty and a place for beautiful vines and plants to grow and thrive. Wooden borders and railroad ties are a great way to create separation between flower beds and other plant areas from the rest of the outdoor living space. Speak with your contractor regarding landscape construction in East Greenwich to include wooden elements in your design. Choose from a wide variety of woods, styles, finishes and designs to create an outdoor living space that is all your own.

Best Types of Wood for Outdoor Living Spaces
When it comes time to sit down with your Rhode Island hardscape construction contractor to choose the materials that you will use for your outdoor living space, make sure to carefully consider the recommendations that are provided. The following list is a “general” list of some of the more commonly used woods for decks, sheds, arbors, trellises and border trim nationwide. As anyone who lives in the northeastern states can tell you, our climate is much different than that of our neighbors to the south or even the folks who live in the nearby mid-western states. Landscaping companies in Rhode Island will be able to suggest the best woods to use that will require the least amount of maintenance and can tell you which woods are most durable for outdoor use in the region.

Some of the most popular woods for outdoor living spaces include:

  • Yellow Pine – Most commonly used for wood decking. Extremely available in the US, but requires a lot of maintenance due to pine being a soft wood. Tends to warp easily and may need to be replaced much sooner than other woods.
  • Redwood – Another common material for decking and flooring, however this is also a softwood, which means it can get damaged under heavy foot traffic. Benefits include natural oils that act as a defense against insects and rot. Bright red in color at installation, this wood fades with UV exposure to a beautiful gray.
  • Cedar – Yet another popular choice for outdoor decks, cedar is also a soft wood. Not recommended for use under heavy foot traffic. White cedar remains the same color after installation, but similar to redwood, the western red cedar variety will fade to gray after long-term UV exposure.
  • Mahogany – Very high quality hardwood that is durable and has a natural resistance to both rot and insects. Unfortunately, as a darker wood, as a deck mahogany would attract light and heat, making it very hot in the summertime. Unless you are covering your outdoor living space in East Greenwich with a shaded area, you should not use dark woods for flooring.
  • Cypress – Compared to the soft woods mentioned here, Cypress is a very sturdy wood that doesn’t even need a coated finish to maintain its aesthetic and performance appeal. Natural oils make it resistant to insects and rot, making it a great choice for outdoors.

Natural Wood Alternatives
In addition to using natural wood for your Rhode Island hardscape construction project, many homeowners are turning to wood alternatives because they are cheaper, easier to maintain and some are even more durable and longer-lasting than natural wood. Pressure-treated wood is a very common material used in wood elements for landscape construction in East Greenwich because it is very cheap and readily available. Unfortunately, it can also crack, warp and slip more often than solid wood, so it is not recommended for areas that are extremely humid.

Composite Wood is also another great alternative. It is made with a combination of wood fibers, which can come from recycled materials that make it very earth-friendly, and plastic fibers. Pigments, preservatives and UV inhibitors are added in to the mixture to make it more durable and long-lasting. Less maintenance is required, but composite wood must still be scrubbed regularly to prevent mildew from taking root and building up over time. Not prone to rotting, splitting or cracking, this material doesn’t require any staining or major maintenance at all.

Call Eastern Landscaping for Rhode Island Hardscape Construction
If you are looking at landscaping companies in Rhode Island to help you build the outdoor living space of your dreams, look no further than Eastern Landscaping. Our team can help you with a wide variety of services to build an outdoor living space in East Greenwich and the surrounding area. Unlike a lot of other companies that provide landscape construction in East Greenwich, we are a full service landscaping, design and construction company – we do everything in-house. Give us a call to learn more about the services we provide or to get a NO COST estimate on your outdoor living space project. Call today at 401-766-9035.

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