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Winter Tips: How to Hire Rhode Island Snow Removal Services

How to Hire Snow Removal ServicesLooking for a new way to “handle” all the snow and ice that comes with winter? Wishing there was a way that you could enjoy the “winter wonderland” all around you like a kid? Taking the chore out of winter by hiring trusted landscape maintenance services to provide you with commercial snow removal can really help you to love the season a whole lot more. Rhode Island snow removal involves having a team of professionals come out to your property to take care of shoveling the walk, making sure that the walk and driveway are clear, ensuring that you are able to get out of your driveway and go to work – all of those things that consume much of your time each winter in the New England area.

These services are available for both residential and business customers. Snow removal for commercial businesses is an important job, ensuring that customers and clients can get to your location to make purchases or place orders. Snow removal for businesses that provide services to customers also rely on commercial snow removal services so they can safely get their trucks and vehicles out and on the road. Homeowners with busy schedules and bad backs are using snow removal services more than ever, trusting landscape maintenance services to provide year-round care for their properties throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Healthy Solutions for Snow Removal
Even if you don’t have a bad back or another health issue that could preclude you from shoveling your own snow and de-icing your own walk, there are still other reasons why Rhode Island snow removal services might be right for you. If you are weighing the pros and the cons of outsourcing commercial snow removal for your home or business, there are some things that you need to consider. Take a look at the list below for some reasons why homeowners and business owners are making the move to paying for professional snow removal services.

  • Lack of Equipment – The smartest way to remove snow is by using a snowblower. If you don’t have one, it can take hours to shovel a driveway using a plastic snow shovel.
  • Lack of Time – Busy work schedules and shuttling kids to and from school, after school activities and play dates can wipe out the entire day. Next thing you know, it’s time for dinner, showers and bedtime with no time left to shovel the walk.
  • Liabilities – If you do not keep your sidewalk shoveled, you could be fined or held responsible if someone is injured on your property. This goes for both residential and commercial property owners.
  • Ease of Use – When the snow and ice are taken care of, you can get down to business without any delays. You don’t have to dig out your car or company vehicle just to get on the road and start doing tasks for the day.

How Rhode Island Snow Removal Services Work
In order to reduce the expense associated with commercial snow removal, there are certain action and price points that are included to help keep it all under control. Some contracts charge for services only when the customer calls for service. This gives you a chance to shovel the snow yourself – should you want to or have the time – and gives you the opportunity to contact the snow removal for commercial businesses and have them come out to get the job done. There are also “trigger” type services that send out crews only when a certain amount of snowfall occurs. If it is less than two inches, you might agree that no one will come, but on a day with a three-inch snowfall, crews will arrive and take care of it for you.

Special needs must also be addressed, such as making sure that neighborhood streets have been cleared by plows before driveway shoveling and snow removal occurs. Some homeowners associations have rules and restrictions on the type of landscape maintenance services that are allowed, including snow removal. Go over the contract, as well as any special requests and local regulations that you need to discuss with the commercial snow removal company. Make sure you understand the charges, know how to reach someone for service, and that you understand what services will be included in the base price. Also make sure that the company is licensed and insured in case anything were to go wrong. It’s just good common sense.

Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. for Commercial Snow Removal
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