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Winter Landscaping Trends & Spring Lawn Care in Rhode Island

winter and spring lawn care in rhode islandWhile it might not seem like it now if you look out your window or step outside, but spring is already on its way. Before you know it, all the snow, ice, and slush will be gone, and new life will begin to bloom on your commercial property. Unfortunately, winter temperatures and piles of snow can cause damage to your grass, plants, and bushes, especially if it is a long and heavy season. Work with our professional team to ensure that your property is ready for landscaping and planting in Rhode Island as soon as the weather turns nice. It pays to have a strategy in place for Rhode Island spring cleaning so you can get a jump on the season.

Spring lawn care in Rhode Island can be even easier if you prep your grass in the fall. The more you do ahead of each season, the easier it is to keep your property looking it’s very best. Winter landscaping trends in February and March should focus on getting ready for the growing season. If you want your commercial lawn to come back thicker, fuller, and lusher than it was before, there are certain things that our landscaping team can do to help you prepare. It’s never too late to start working toward a great-looking property when you work with highly trained and experienced landscapers who can give your Northern Rhode Island lawn what it needs to thrive.

Rhode Island Spring Cleaning

The first step after the snow and ice have melted away is to get our technicians out to your property to do a spring cleaning. Spring lawn care in Rhode Island needs to begin with a clean slate. Removing all of the leaves, twigs, and other debris that has found its way onto your lawn over the winter months will help give your grass a good solid start. Rakes, air blowers, and other specialized tools can be used to make sure everything is picked up and cleared out before any work begins on your commercial lawn. If it is not removed, this debris can get stuck in the lawn equipment, block fertilizers from making their way into the soil, and preventing water and sunlight from getting to the plants.

Our team will recommend a treatment for your lawn based on the current condition, soil, and any other considerations. A combination of fertilizer, pre-emergent herbicide, and other essential products can be used at this time to feed your lawn and prevent crabgrass from starting. A few weeks later, we will provide a second round of treatment that will include a broadleaf weed killer that will take care of anything else that might be lurking under the surface. Even if you didn’t see weeds last year, they could blow into your property during the fall and winter months to lie in wait for the warmer days of spring. It doesn’t take long for weeds to fight your grass and plants for nutrients or spread throughout the lawn.

Mowing For a Fuller, Thicker Lawn

The secret to a thick lawn is mowing regularly, while allowing the grass to grow to its optimal height. Cutting the grass down too far can stunt the growth in the roots, preventing it from reproducing and filling in properly. Allowing the grass to get too high so early in the season can cause other issues and shock the plant when mowing finally does occur. Once-a-week mowing is best during the early stages of spring to create a full, thick lawn that is properly manicured to help your property look its best. The more you can do with landscaping and planting in Rhode Island by embracing these late winter landscaping trends, the easier it will be to ensure that your lawn looks great all summer long.

Spring lawn care in Rhode Island should also include an inspection of the irrigation system before use is required for growth when the temperatures get high. Many property owners have now turned to native plants and drought-tolerant grasses to reduce irrigational needs, but you will still need regular watering during dryer periods to maintain your commercial property appearance. Seeding should take place during the fall for best results, but if you did not take care of that task this year or if you have brown patches, make sure to coordinate those efforts with our team. Grass seed will not germinate when weed killers and pre-emergent weed control products are being used. Let the fertilizer do its job to encourage expanding growth or use sod for an immediate fix if the patches are too bad.

Trimming Trees and Bushes

While the fall and winter months are also best for taking care of tree and bush trimming, it is possible to do some landscaping work in the late winter or early spring, as long as the temperatures stay relatively low. Work with our team to create a landscaping strategy that works with your schedule and provides you with the services you require to help keep your property looking its best. Seasonal services, monthly services, and weekly services are available for a comprehensive approach to landscaping and planting in Rhode Island. Contact Eastern Landscaping by calling 401-766-9035 and speak with one of our agents about winter landscaping trends and spring lawn care for your commercial property.

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