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Why You Should Hire a Pro to Install New Sod in Glocester, RI

When it comes to commercial landscape and spring preparation, there’s no better way to have a beautiful lawn for your property than to install fresh sod. However, just because your maintenance team is great at mowing and trimming, doesn’t mean that they are experts at Rhode Island sod and seed. It is in your best interest to hire Glocester landscape contractors who are experienced in working with sod installation for your commercial property. Not only will you get better results, but you will save money in the long run compared to trying to do it yourself. There are lots of methods used for installation and if you don’t have the knowledge, the equipment, or the experience, you really shouldn’t try to do it yourself.

Preparing the Soil
Did you know that a lot of effort goes into soil preparation before the sod gets put down? If the soil isn’t prepared properly prior to installation, it probably won’t take and you’ll end up with a dead lawn before you even get started. Even with the best quality sod and the attention of a full service landscaping team, if the soil isn’t right, the grass won’t grow. In addition to preparing the soil with the proper pH, nutrients, and texture, if the soil is laden with debris, such as rocks, stones, leaves, or twigs, it can cause a number of issues. The soil must also be properly compacted for best results.

Knowledge of Local Requirements
Laying sod in California is much different than laying sod in Florida. The same goes for Northern Rhode Island compared to other states in the New England region. There are different needs based on the unique requirements of the land. Hiring a team of professional Glocester landscape contractors to install your sod means having the peace of mind in knowing that everything from the methods used to the Rhode Island sod and seed that is chosen for the job was done according to knowledge and experience.

Landscape spring preparation prior to laying sod is just the beginning. A true team of professionals will provide you with the services and tools to ensure that your new lawn looks it’s very best. Proper care, watering, and feeding are required to ensure that the roots take hold. Only a professional who has experience with full service landscaping for fresh sod in the Rhode Island area will know exactly how much water and care are needed for success. You wouldn’t want to invest money into installing sod just to see it all wither away and die because it wasn’t watered properly in the days and weeks following installation.

Professional Installation
When sod is installed properly, there won’t be any gaps between the rows. In fact, when you look at a new lawn or patch of grass that was installed as sod, there shouldn’t be any obvious seams. Proper installation should result in a lawn that is lush and strong. Even if an amateur were to follow the instructions for laying sod to the letter, chances are high that it will still have gaps and obvious lines. Those gaps aren’t just unsightly, but they also create space where weeds can grow and begin taking over the lawn. Other common mistakes by amateurs that don’t adhere to basic landscape spring preparation of soil and required installation techniques include sod that won’t take root, sod that has bumps or valleys in some areas, and a lawn that ends up looking uneven when complete.

Quality Materials
In addition to having all the right tools, equipment, and techniques, a team of professional Glocester landscape contractors will also have access to top quality professional sod, something that the average homeowner will not be able to purchase. Sod farms are the absolute best place to purchase Rhode Island sod and seed because they know how to ensure that the product is completely free of weeds, healthy, and ready for installation. Commercial properties, residential properties, and other professional installations that feature beautiful grass areas were most likely the recipients of quality sod.

Problems with sub-par sod, such as the type you are likely to get at the local home improvement or hardware store, can be immature or not yet ready to be planted. In some cases, this type of sod will even fall apart during installation. If the sod isn’t cut fresh within hours of installation and is allowed to sit out at the store waiting for someone to buy it, it can dry out and ultimately fail to take root. If that happens, your new lawn will die. Sod that is cut too soon, too late, or is allowed to sit out without proper maintenance can become vulnerable to insects, weeds, and common grass diseases.

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