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When Snow & Ice Melts: Landscaping in Northern Rhode Island

Winter Landscaping Tips Northern Rhode IslandA long and lingering winter – like we’re having this year – doesn’t mean that your commercial landscape should be ignored. When you work with a full-service landscaping company like Eastern Landscaping, we make sure your property looks great year-round. We provide a full variety of low maintenance solutions, which include landscape design and lawn care, as well as cold weather options that will get you ready for the first blooms of spring.

Maintenance tasks should be completed to help move your commercial property from winter into spring without that messy-looking transition period. Corrective pruning, tree removal, and bulb tending can help your property to stand out as soon as the snow and ice melt away. Once you learn the value of year-round landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, you can stay ahead of your neighbors and help your property to look its best.

Conduct a Walk-Through

One of the ways that we like to help our clients to stay prepared for all seasons is to conduct regular walk-throughs of the property. In the winter, we can begin to identify the areas that you would like improved. We can also make plans for new enhancements, such as flower beds for a pop of color, or low maintenance solutions, such as hardscaping additions. The earlier you can start to plan these projects, the faster our busy landscaping company will be able to get to them. As soon as the weather warms, every business in the local area will start calling for help. It pays to be ahead of the curve and start making your springtime plans today.

Boost Curb Appeal

Our team of highly trained and experienced landscaping designers and technicians can help you to increase the curb appeal of your property. Through the use of color and texture, both with living plants and well-placed hardscaping, we provide smart solutions that will give you the most significant return on your investment. Landscape design and lawn care are more than strategic placement of shrubbery and regular mowing of grass; it’s about creating a professional first impression that will help to further your business. If you are interested in increasing interest in your property, contact our team at Eastern Landscaping, Inc. right away for an assessment.

Winter Pruning

One of the best maintenance services that you can enlist from our full-service landscaping company is the pruning of trees and shrubs. As soon as the growing season begins to slow down or stops, due to the cold temperatures, you can effectively correct the shape of your landscaping elements. Winter pruning is a great way to refresh the look and feel of your existing landscape and prepare it for new growth again in the spring. Corrective pruning can make a big difference in the look of your commercial property. The removal of dead wood from trees and shrubs, along with regular clean-up services, can boost the health and appearance of all your plants in the landscape.

Splitting & Replanting Perennials

Another great service available through our commercial landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island is perennial care and maintenance. Some varieties of perennials fall into a category of landscaping plants known as multipliers. That means that they can expand and bloom beyond their original borders over time. Wintertime is the best time to split them and transplant the new plants to other areas of your commercial property. Not only does this save money on having to purchase new perennials, but it also helps the original plant to be healthier when spring returns. Common multiplier perennials include black-eyed Susans, daisies, hostas, and certain groundcover plants.

Tree Removal Services

In addition to splitting perennials and pruning larger plants and trees, winter is also a great time to remove any trees that need to be taken down on your property. It might also be possible to get a lower rate on tree removal in the winter, due to the slower season for tree trimmers. Survey your trees throughout the winter to determine if any trees need to be removed, trimmed, or replaced. Taking care of this work in the winter can also reduce damage caused by dead trees or branches that might fall under the weight of snow and ice.

Call Eastern Landscaping, Inc. for a NO Cost Estimate

If you are interested in learning more about our options for landscape design and lawn care at our full-service landscaping company, give us a call at 401-766-9035. Our team will come to your commercial property and provide you with a NO cost estimate for our landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Call today to get a rundown of the services and low maintenance solutions available for commercial clients in the local area.

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