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Top Commercial Projects for Hardscaping Design in Rhode Island

Top Hardscaping Projects in Rhode IslandA well-planned and executed hardscaping construction project can make a big difference on any commercial property. Whether your goal is to create a space for employees to enjoy during a break or if you want to beautify the property and improve curb appeal, hardscaping design in Rhode Island equals year-round low maintenance solutions. It is important to sit down with a designer who has experience working with Rhode Island hardscape construction. You can’t just ask your landscaper or gardener to do this type of work unless they have the knowledge, training, and equipment to get the job done right.

Outdoor Living Space

One of the most popular types of hardscaping design in Rhode Island and throughout the New England area is the patio. A large patio can serve as an outdoor eating area for customers, visitors, or employees, as well as create a beautiful focal space. Instead of having acres and acres of grass and other water-intensive, labor-intensive landscaping, many commercial property owners are opting to use hardscaping construction to their advantage.

Retail shopping centers, office complexes, residential properties, and other commercial areas can create a fully functional patio with electrical lighting and covered areas for year-round use. Patios can be just about any shape and size, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Outdoor grills and tables can be used to host company or neighborhood events. It can also be a great way to attract new customers and provide new opportunities for guests.

Outdoor Lighting

It used to be accepted that most commercial buildings would feature flood lighting for security and not much else. However, as more people are getting outdoors to fully use a property, landscape lighting has been added. It doesn’t just add an aesthetic appeal, but it also provides added function. Include outdoor lighting in your hardscaping design in Rhode Island to create an even more usable space, night and day.

Landscape lighting can be used to light a path, shine a literal spotlight on features, and highlight certain areas of the structure. It can be used to put the focus on signage and make gardens more inviting. Uplighting is often used to highlight trees, bushes, and other landscape features in the evening, casting a beautiful glow on the entire property. Sure, anyone can install a bunch of lights, but it takes an expert in Rhode Island hardscape construction and landscaping to do it right.

Built-In Planters

Another great use of hardscaping construction is the building of built-in planters. When you combine knowledge of landscaping and planting in New England with quality Rhode Island hardscape construction, you can get amazing results. Built-in planters, when used strategically, can enhance outdoor living areas, pathways, entries, and other spaces on your commercial property. They provide low maintenance solutions that add attractive features and textures that many properties are sorely lacking.

Easy to clean, maintain, and change out with living colors throughout the year, built-in planters are a great way to add appeal to even the dullest property. They can double as retaining walls to establish structure along walkways and activity areas. Used with built-in benches and other hardscaping construction elements, they can even be used to house small trees and shrubs, in addition to plants and florals. There are other advantages as well, bringing landscaping elements to a higher level creates instant focal points, instead of only planting everything in the ground.

Hardscape Groundcover

Some common landscaping elements are considered to be hardscape groundcover, including stones, rocks, and even mulch. When used strategically, groundcover can enhance both landscaping and other hardscaping features. Statues and fountains really stand out when surrounded by fresh mulch, which can be purchased in a variety of colors. Gardens and flower beds can get new life when they are outlined with rocks and stones. Hardscaping design in Rhode Island can include both small and large projects. The important thing to remember is that it takes a team of professionals to get it right. Knowledge and experience with local regulations and requirements, as well as proper equipment and sufficient staff, can make a big difference in the results.

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