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Tips for Landscape Spring Preparation in Northern Rhode Island

Spring Landscape Preparation Rhode IslandAre you ready for warm spring and summer weather? You aren’t alone! Many commercial property owners are already starting to make plans for landscaping and planting in Rhode Island. It’s never too soon to start working with landscape maintenance services to prepare your property for the coming season. Get a head start on things like Northern Rhode Island sod and seed and other types of landscape spring preparation. If you don’t already work with landscaping companies in Rhode Island, consider contacting Eastern Landscaping. We have many years of experience working with commercial landscaping and hardscaping design, construction, and maintenance services.

Clear Out Old Elements

While you might not think that there’s anything you can do during the winter months, you can take advantage of the dormant season. Pull out any elements that you no longer want to keep. This includes landscape and hardscape pieces. Once removed, it will be that much easier to start your landscape spring preparation of planting, seeding, trimming, and building replacement pieces. When the snow melts, you can temporarily cover the bare areas with rocks or other types of ground cover. Our landscape maintenance services can help you with the removal and hauling away of unwanted elements.

Snow & Ice Removal

When most people think about removing snow and ice, they think about driveways and streets. However, landscaping companies in Rhode Island also recommend that you remove it from trees and bushes as well. In particular, evergreens need to have the snow removed as soon as possible following a snowfall. The sheer weight of the snow can weaken or break branches. A little light snow is okay, but after a big storm, it’s best to get out there and shake those trees until the snow falls away. Our landscape maintenance services can also perform these services for you to help keep your commercial property looking it’s very best.

Eastern Landscaping also offers professional snow and ice removal from driveways, walkways, streets, and parking lots for our commercial clients. Make sure to contact us before the big storm hits, so we will know that you are interested in hiring our services. New England winters can be unpredictable to say the least, so the more you can do to prepare ahead of time, the better. Call our team to inquire about snow removal services for commercial and residential properties.

Topsoil & Mulching

Most landscaping companies in Rhode Island will recommend the use of added topsoil and mulching to protect plant beds from extreme temperatures. While this is typically done in the fall before the snow hits, you can always contact us any time of year. Year-round landscape maintenance services for our commercial and residential clients can be used to prepare areas for spring growth. Our services can also be used to protect existing plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees during the winter season. Raking out existing mulch before winter arrives is also recommended to prevent animals from nesting in it during the cold months.

Sod & Seed

Winter is the best time to meet with your service provider to discuss landscaping and planting in Rhode Island for the new year. The more you can do for landscape spring preparation, the faster your grass will grow and green when the weather turns warm. For commercial properties, year-round maintenance is key to ensure that everything looks it’s very best. Planning all of your Northern Rhode Island sod and seed in advance is a good idea, as many other clients will also be wanting the same service at the same time. The sooner you can get on the schedule with Eastern Landscaping, the better. It is important to start springtime landscape maintenance services as soon as possible for best results from spring through fall.


With winter upon us, it is also a good time to plan out ideas for hardscaping when the ground thaws. Plan for new patios, walkways, common areas, and gardens with our team of experienced hardscaping designers. Unlike most landscaping companies in Rhode Island, we do all of our design and installation in-house. That means you won’t have to work with a bunch of subcontractors to get the job completed. Built-in benches, water features, retaining walls, and other elements can all be added to reduce year-round maintenance for your commercial property.

Contact Eastern Landscaping

If you are in need of landscape maintenance services in the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area, contact Eastern Landscaping. Our team can provide a wide range of landscaping, planting, hardscaping, and ongoing property maintenance services. We can assist with landscape spring preparation and other seasonal work. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our technicians. We will come to your property and provide you with a NO COST ESTIMATE for any of the professional services that we offer.

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