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Tips for Commercial Landscape Planning in Northern Rhode Island

Commercial Landscaping Design Rhode IslandCommercial properties have a lot more responsibility when it comes to the appearance of their landscaping. It is part of the curb appeal, and many times a part of the signage, that attracts customers and visitors to the business in the first place. Well-designed landscaping and planting in Rhode Island will help a commercial property to stand out in a crowded business area. On the other hand, businesses that don’t do any landscaping work will also stand out, just not in a good way.

Landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can help new businesses get a solid start. Existing properties looking to revamp their look or attract new customers can also make strategic changes through the assistance of professional landscaping companies in Rhode Island. It is important to note that not all landscapers can provide commercial services. Whether you require fresh sod and seed in the spring, complete landscape design, or annual spring lawn care in Rhode Island, you can count on Eastern Landscaping to meet or exceed your expectations.

Maximizing the Return on Your Investment

When it comes right down to it, many property managers or business owners will ultimately end up arguing with their bosses or partners about the cost of landscaping. While many won’t complain about small updates, such as annual Rhode Island sod and seed to ensure that the lawn is green and recovered from winter, most will debate about any significant projects. What they don’t realize is that when done properly, landscaping can enhance not just the visibility of a business, but can also improve your reputation in the community. Still, many “bean counters” will try to reduce the amount of landscaping and planting in Rhode Island that gets done just to save a few bucks on the annual budget.

However, the truth is that well-planned and sustainable landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can be a tremendous asset to your business. When done right, landscaping companies in Rhode Island can use a combination of grasses, plants, bushes, and trees to create a strategic project that will improve the value of your property in a number of ways. Low maintenance solutions and a few well-placed hardscaping features can even help your property to stand out (in a good way) during the winter months. As a property owner or manager, you may have an on-site maintenance crew that is responsible for everything from mowing in the summer to shoveling snow in the winter. However, when it comes to commercial landscaping design, you need to bring in a team of professionals to get the job done right.

Sustainability is Part of Strategic Design

While you will hear the term “sustainability” a lot in everything from consumer goods to architecture these days, it has a definite meaning when it comes to landscaping and planting in Rhode Island. It is not just a trendy approach to gardening, but a great way to improve the look of your property while maximizing the return on your investment. Good landscaping companies in Rhode Island won’t just plant anything on your property. Instead, they will choose plants that are native to the local area, that will thrive and survive in typical New England weather conditions and temperatures. These plants will also require less artificial watering and weed control, as they are native to the area.

Strategies will also likely include reducing the number and size of lawn areas, which will cut back on the amount of weekly maintenance and water required for upkeep. This method can help businesses to save money on costly ongoing maintenance, freeing in-house crews up to do other repairs and projects or reducing the size of the team that you need to hire to maintain your property. Native plants will require less care and be more likely to survive the local climate. When you work with professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island who have experience working with commercial clients and adhere to sustainable landscape design, you will see a big difference in the finished project.

Adding Color and Texture

Two of the most common things that clients request when working with landscaping companies in Rhode Island are more color and texture. While green is beautiful in the spring and summer, it is important to think about adding touches of color to help your business stand out from the crowd. A variety of perennials and annuals can be used to create a vibrant splash of color. There are many local, native plants that can fit this bill. Work with your landscaping designer to choose smart colors to attract positive attention to your property when you enlist their help for spring lawn care in Rhode Island. Flowering shrubs, trees, and plants can make an impact on customers, visitors, employees, and even passersby.

Texture also plays a big part in the overall look of your property. By combining large trees with shorter plants and bushes, you create a visually appealing design. However, when you add in things like retaining walls, walkways or pathways, patios and gardens to the mix, you can add texture. Mulching and adding stone beds can separate different planting areas and create much-needed texture in an otherwise dull landscape. While annual Rhode Island sod and seed are important to properties that have a beautiful grass area, it is essential to “mix it up” and add in some color and texture to enhance the overall look and feel.

Interested in working with landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island to upgrade your commercial property? Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. by calling 401-766-9035. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about strategic landscaping and planting in Rhode Island or set up an appointment for a free NO COST estimate for our professional landscape design and maintenance services.

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