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The Advantages of Native Planting in Northern Rhode Island

Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) on Swamp Milkweed WildfloweNative planting, which is also sometimes known in the landscape industry as “naturescaping” can be done in conjunction with or instead of traditional lawn landscaping. In Northern Rhode Island, the use of native plants has many advantages to the local environment and to the property owner as well. When it comes to flower bed planting and care, it pays to work with a professional full service landscaping company that has experience working with native plants. Eastern Landscaping specializes in landscaping and planting in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our team can suggest some native tree and shrub planting in Northern Rhode Island and the surrounding area that will work to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Lower Maintenance
By far the number one advantage to using native plants in residential landscaping, and commercial landscaping too for that matter, is the reduced requirements for landscape management. Compared to lush, green lawns and perfectly manicured shrubbery, flower bed planting and care for native plants is so much easier. In most cases, native plants will not need any irrigation watering once they are established. They also do not require fertilizers or any of the other chemical treatments that non-native species often require, such as insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, because they are already adapted to the local pests in the area.

When you try native tree and shrub planting in Northern Rhode Island instead of buying non-native varieties at the local home improvement center, you will also notice that they grow well together and do not compete. They also grow in predictable sizes, unlike non-natives that can sometimes grow too large or stay too small, depending on how their needs are being met in the local environment. Believe it or not, native plants can also cut down a bit on your full service landscaping costs because they do not require leaves to be raked and moved away from their root systems. In fact, leaves in a native landscape help to build the nutrient level of the soil, provide natural fertilizer benefits and will also prevent weed growth.

Water Requirements
Another benefit of using native landscaping and planting in Rhode Island is that your flowers, trees and shrubs will require a lot less water. While we do not have the drought conditions that they do out west, a lot of water is still wasted in the New England area every year. One study revealed that approximately 30 percent of water used on the east coast went to watering lawns. Compared to the 60 percent use in the western states like California and Arizona, that 30 percent doesn’t seem like a lot, but it still adds up. A lush, green lawn actually requires around 10,000 gallons of water just to stay looking green all summer long.

Better Environment
Another benefit to using native plants and, as a result, less chemical treatments, weed killer, pesticides and cheap bark mulch, is the reduction in chemicals in the local environment. The sheer amount of chemicals that runs off into the local ground water and local waterways after all that irrigation for non-native species is estimated in a study by Yale University to be as much as ten times the amount of chemical pesticide per acre as what is used in farmland. Native flower bed planting and care, as well as native tree and shrub planting in Northern Rhode Island and the surrounding region, does not require all of this chemical assistance.

When to Plant Native Species
Knowing when and where to plant native flowers, trees and shrubs can be a bit challenging. Timing is absolutely everything when it comes to adding new elements to your landscaping. Many homeowners in the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts region trust the full service landscaping options at Eastern Landscaping. Our team is highly trained and experienced in the use of native landscaping planting in Rhode Island and we can help you add all of the trees, bushes, plants and grasses to help improve the look and feel of your property. Contact our office to schedule an evaluation with our team of professional landscapers, who can help you choose the best options and install them for you at the right time.

It is important to choose a local company that has all of the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Eastern Landscape is owned and operated by a team of qualified and educated managers and technicians who will work together with you to provide you with the very best in sod and seed installations to native tree and shrub planting in Northern Rhode Island, native flower bed planting and care to full service landscaping like ornamental pruning and everything in between. Contact our office in Rhode Island and get a FREE consultation for local homeowners and commercial properties as well. Call today at 401-766-9035 and make sure to ask about our native plants.

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