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The Advantages of Custom Hardscaping Design in Rhode Island

Custom Hardscaping Rhode IslandBusinesses from Providence to Pawtucket, New Bedford to Fall River, and everywhere in between can benefit from custom hardscaping construction solutions. Hardscaping design in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts can help commercial property owners and managers save both time and money compared to full service landscaping services. Reduce the amount of lawn and flower beds that need to be maintained year-round by working with our team of designers and builders to create beautifully designed hardscaping solutions. Our Rhode Island hardscape construction professionals can help your property to be more functional and aesthetically pleasing while reducing your annual maintenance budget.

Low Maintenance Solutions

The number one reason why most businesses consider custom hardscaping design in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts is that it provides low maintenance solutions. Less water is required to keep the property looking its best and maintenance crews won’t need to spend as much time keeping lawns green, mowed and trimmed. For property owners who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, well-planned hardscaping construction can create an eco-friendly solution that can be effectively maintained without impacting the local environment.

Fertilizers, pest control products, herbicides, and other commonly used chemicals can enter the local groundwater through runoff from sprinklers. If this is a concern for you and your business, you may want to consider hardscaping design instead of full service landscaping for your commercial property. However, if you still want a naturally-looking environment, you can integrate plant areas into your Rhode Island hardscape construction project, such as flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, but with a strategy designed to lessen the amount of water, chemical treatments, and maintenance that is required.

Creates an Inviting Space

Just about any type of commercial property can benefit from hardscaping design in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. Residential apartment or condo complexes can create inviting spaces for tenants to enjoy, including patios, seating areas, barbecue pits, and other gathering spaces. Hardscaping construction can include strategic placement of retaining walls and other elements to create a safer and more secure environment. Integrated lighting and beautiful walkways can make navigating the property at night much more enjoyable.

Retail and office complexes can also benefit from Rhode Island hardscape construction. Outdoor space for breaks, meetings, and lunches can be an attractive distraction to employees and visitors to your property. If the space will be used year-round or if it is attached to the building area, consider adding an overhead cover of some type along with lighting and even heating elements to increase fall and winter use. For best results, work with a team of licensed and experienced outdoor designers and hardscaping construction experts to get the job done right.

Improve Accessibility

One of the best things that you can do for any commercial property is to make sure that all visitors can navigate their way inside your building. Hardscaping construction is an excellent opportunity to make sure that your property is wheelchair accessible or to ensure that the entry is not overly complicated. You could be losing out on business and possibly violating state and federal regulations if your property is not properly accessible. Make sure that you hire a team that has worked for other commercial clients in your area to avoid any misunderstandings about legal requirements for accessibility in Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.

When you improve accessibility, create useful outdoor spaces, and reduce the amount of full service landscaping required to maintain your property, you increase value. Increasing value for commercial properties should always be a primary goal. When you repair or replace cracked and crumbling walkways, patios, sidewalks, steps, and other hardscaping elements, you increase the value of your property. When you upgrade those elements with wooden decks, stone paths, landscape lighting and other beautiful features, you can boost that real estate value even more. Custom design and solutions for Southern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island hardscape construction can help you to maximize the return on your investment and create a unique and valuable solution.

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