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Summertime Landscaping in Rhode Island for Local Businesses

summertime landscaping in Rhode IslandAlthough it may appear that summer is the best time of year for landscaping, making it simple to maintain green and lush lawns, summer landscaping in Rhode Island comes with some unique complexities that require professional care. Warmer and more humid weather causes grass to grow at a considerably quicker rate, necessitating more frequent cutting and grooming to maintain your lawn at its best. If you’re looking for a full-service landscaping business for your commercial property, go no further than the qualified and seasoned landscape experts recommended by the local Better Business Bureau. Rhode Island sod and seed need quite different services than those needed elsewhere in the country to maintain a beautiful garden all year long.

Seasonal Cleanup Services

Your full-service landscaping company’s first order of business should be to do seasonal cleanup so that the summer may get off to a wonderful start. Dethatching the lawn, raking up any fallen leaves, blowing off the curbs, and tending to the perennials are just a few of the tasks that must be completed as the snow melts and spring arrives. After a long and brutal winter, Rhode Island sod and seed are typically needed to get things back on track. After a thorough spring cleaning and surface prepping, your Rhode Island business property will be prepared for summer landscaping.

Your landscapers in Rhode Island will, as you might expect, devote a significant amount of time this season to maintaining neat and tidy lawns. There is a learning curve involved in monitoring your property for issues like overgrowth, under-watering, and dry spots, particularly in locations that receive a lot of full-day sunlight. If you’re hiring a full-service landscaping company for the first time, allow them some time to get to know your property and implement seasonal maintenance plans. Mowing, weeding, pruning, edging, and cleaning up your Rhode Island lawn and garden every week throughout the summer is a must. This will help your grass develop in a healthy way and protect it from weeds and disease, in addition to making it seem fuller and healthier.

Full Service Landscaping

Grass, trees, shrubs, and plants benefit greatly from fertilizing, and summer is the best season to do it. Depending on the size and kind of your property, fertilization should be done anywhere from three to five times year. Fertilization is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn, so be sure to inquire about a timetable with your full-service landscaping firm. Weed management is often included in grass fertilization and done at the same time. Your lawn will benefit from this and remain green and weed-free all year long. Keep ants, beetles, and other plant-damaging pests at bay as well as other seasonal pests with the help of pest control services. Talk to landscaping companies in Rhode Island about integrating pest management in your summer landscaping in Rhode Island.

Your full-service landscaping firm may not be able to help you with major tree difficulties, but they should be able to trim bushes, shrubs, and even some trees. Trimming and shaping your bushes, shrubs, and trees once or twice in the summer should be sufficient to keep up with seasonal growth and maintain their aesthetic appeal and long-term health. Your landscapers in Rhode Island should take care to trim back any vegetation that might potentially cause you legal trouble, especially near structures, pathways, and drives. All landscaping treatments should be geared toward increasing the property’s curb appeal, and these plants command immediate attention from drivers, pedestrians, renters, residents, and visitors.

Year Round Seasonal Commercial Landscaping

With the end of summer gardening in Rhode Island and the arrival of fall’s cool air to the New England area, it’s time to switch gears and get ready for the next season. Keep on top of the leaf removal by having your landscaping provider do it regularly. The leaves may be removed from your yard or mulched by some companies. During their dormant periods in the late fall and winter, perennials can be pruned for better health. Leaves and other organic material should be removed from lawns as soon as possible. Property owners and managers that forego this service may face problems including fungus development, increased thatching, and sickness. Talk to Rhode Island’s sod and seed professionals about other autumn maintenance tasks that will set your lawn up for rapid spring growth after the snow melts.

Eastern Landscaping, Inc. offers FREE estimates for business clients in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts that are interested in year-round or seasonal landscaping services. As a comprehensive landscaping firm, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to both commercial and residential customers. We are pleased to have earned a reputation as one of Northern Rhode Island’s premier landscaping companies. To schedule an appointment with a service technician, please contact 401-766-9035.

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