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Summers in Rhode Island and Commercial Landscaping Services

The higher temperatures of summer can either cause lawns and plants to grow wild or make them wither and die. You can avoid the extreme effects of the season when you work with reputable commercial landscaping services like Eastern Landscaping. Most property owners and managers want to make sure they maintain a healthy lawn throughout the growing season. It pays to work with landscaping companies in Rhode Island that have the knowledge, experience, and workforce to get the job done right. When overlooked, simple tasks like watering, trimming, and lawn fertilization in Rhode Island can cause your property to look neglected. Prevent these issues and protect the curb appeal of your property when you contract our professional landscape maintenance services.

Efficient and Effective Services

Most property owners are very aware of the importance of efficient watering to maintain value without consuming too much in the way of our natural resources. A proper irrigation system that is set on a timer and easily adjusted for weather changes can help you to save money while reducing your impact on the local environment. Commercial landscaping services should include attention to detail with regard to irrigation to ensure the best possible results year-round. Studies show that keeping your grass blades longer and watering them according to local weather requirements will lead to healthier-looking lawns. Our team will work with you to address the unique needs of your property to make sure your grasses, plants, shrubs, and trees look their very best.

There are many benefits associated with hiring landscape maintenance services, especially in the summer. The chances are good that your maintenance team already has their hands full, taking care of work orders and other types of property repairs. Working with landscaping companies in Rhode Island can free up your team to take care of urgent issues for tenants while making sure that your property is taken care of on a consistent basis. Eastern Landscaping can work with you to establish a comprehensive maintenance plan that checks all the boxes to ensure your lawn and landscaping gets all the care and treatment it requires, when and where it needs it. When you hire our team to take care of mowing, edging, planting, and lawn fertilization in Rhode Island, you can sit back and enjoy it without having to worry about planning for the work to be done.

Seasonal Treatments for Quality Results

There are certain times of the year when pruning, trimming, mulching, weed prevention, and lawn fertilization in Rhode Island must be done. Part of the work that we do at Eastern Landscaping is to make sure your property gets the preventive maintenance and treatments it needs to look its very best. The chemical balance of your soil is essential to having a beautiful lawn and other natural features. If fertilization is required in the summer, we will use the type that is formulated for hot weather. Other treatments, including weed killer, pest control, and mulching, will be performed as needed based on the demands of your property. Our goal is to establish a schedule for fertilizing and prevention that will yield the best possible results.

Additional services can also be provided on a case-by-case situation, including over-seeding, planting, ornamental pruning, flower bed care, and other treatments. We offer these services to our residential and commercial clients in order to ensure that they have all of the advantages associated with top-quality landscape maintenance services in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our customers are our top priority, whether we are hired to do a single job or provide ongoing commercial landscaping services. From landscaping design and installation to weekly maintenance and repair, you can contact our team directly to get a FREE consultation and NO COST estimate for all of our landscaping services. Give us a call today at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our technicians or design experts about your landscaping needs. We can schedule a visit to your property or discuss the different ways that landscaping companies in Rhode Island can help you to effectively maintain your property and create a positive first impression for prospective customers, guests, and tenants.

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