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Summer Professional Landscape Services in Northern Rhode Island

summer landscape services in Rhode IslandWhile we provide year-round services at our full service landscaping company in RI, we also offer a variety of season-specific support options as part of our professional landscape services. Summer is undoubtably the busiest season of the year, as growth goes off the charts for everything from lawns to ornamental grasses, flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees. We get calls every day from new customers seeking Rhode Island landscaping services for commercial and residential properties. We are proud to have earned the title of best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island. Our team of highly trained and experienced landscaping technicians are ready and available to help you achieve all of your landscaping goals.

Staying on Top of Rapidly Growing Lawns

Lawn care is by far one of the most essential professional landscape services we provide. A well cared for lawn makes a solid first impression upon potential customers, employees, and visitors to your commercial or industrial property. The same holds true for multi-family residential properties, including condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and homeowners associations (HOAs), which are required to maintain Rhode Island landscaping services for their tenants and residents. We offer a wide range of services that include one-time emergency tree or shrubbery services, seasonal services, and weekly or monthly support as a full service landscaping company in RI. Whether your concerns are about weeds, brown patches, or annual sod and seed services, our team can help you maximize the return on your investment.

The hot and rainy summer months make everything in New England so green and lush, but it can be a challenge to stay on top of that growth to ensure a neat and well-maintained property. We work with each client to create a comprehensive maintenance plan based on your unique needs and budgetary requirements. Understanding how to properly care for a lawn in the local area is essential. We are proud to have been voted the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island due to our dedication to keeping commercial and residential properties looking beautiful. Our team can make sure that your lawn gets everything it needs during the summer months – and beyond – to ensure the best possible results. Hiring professional Rhode Island landscaping services can make sure the work gets done – no matter how hot it is outside.

Taking Care of Other Landscaping Elements

Your property isn’t just one great big patch of grass, but a lot of other landscaping features that also require specialized care during the summer months. Color spots around signage and in flower beds or gardens require care, maintenance, and proper watering to maximize your investment in new plantings. Bushes and shrubs, as well as ornamental grasses and other specialty plants, can require regular trimmings in the summer months to prevent overgrowth. Property maintenance and clean-up of any leaves, flowers, fruit, and other landscape debris is also essential to keep your property looking its very best. Whether you hire Eastern Landscaping to perform a single job or if you want to sign-up for a comprehensive weekly or monthly maintenance plan, taking care of your property is our top priority.

We also specialize in landscape design and can help you to create the look and feel that you want for your commercial or residential property. Combine your vision for the perfect curb appeal or outdoor living space with the imagination, creativity, and experience of our landscape design and lawn care team. We also offer hardscaping design and installation services within the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area. We will work with you to create solutions based on your unique needs and requirements to help you make the most of your property and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Whether your goals are to reduce water consumption, eliminate certain maintenance services, or to add useful areas to your property, you can count on Eastern Landscaping to help you achieve your goals. Our Rhode Island landscaping services can be used to install outdoor elements and bring your ideas to life. If you are interested in hiring our full service landscaping company in RI, give us a call at 401-766-9035 to schedule an appointment for a no-cost estimate for any of the services we provide.

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