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Summer Landscaping in Rhode Island for Commercial Properties

summer commercial landscaping in rhode islandWhile it might seem like summer is the “ultimate growing season,” making it easy to keep lawns green and lush, there are a lot of challenges that occur during this time of year for summer landscaping in Rhode Island. Because the weather is warm and the air is humid, the grass often grows at a much faster rate, requiring additional trimming and manicuring to keep your property looking it’s very best. When working with a full service landscaping company for your commercial property, make sure to hire licensed and experienced Glocester landscape contractors who have a lot of experience working with local clients. The services needed in other parts of the country are vastly different from what is required for year-round Rhode Island sod and seed for quality landscaping care.

Seasonal Cleanup Services

The first thing that your full service landscaping company should do is provide you with seasonal cleanup services to help get the summer season off to a great start. Once the snow has melted and the spring season is in full bloom, a lot of work needs to be done to dethatch the grass, clean up any remaining leaves, blow out the curb lines, and start working on the perennials. Rhode Island sod and seed is often required, especially after a long and harsh winter season, to get everything back on track. Once everything is cleaned, primed, and ready to go, your commercial property will be ready for summer landscaping in Rhode Island.

Lawn Mowing Services

As you might have guessed, your Glocester landscape contractors will be spending a bulk of this season making sure that the lawns are properly mowed and trimmed. Keeping an eye on certain areas of your property for things like overgrowth, over-watering, under-watering, and even dry patches, especially if they get a lot of full-day sunshine, requires a bit of a learning curve. If you are starting with a new full service landscaping company, you will need to give them a bit of time to learn all of the areas on your property as they work to get everything in optimal shape for each season. Summer landscaping in Rhode Island will require weekly mowing, weeding, trimming, edging, and cleanup. Not only will this help your lawn to look more lush and full, but it will promote healthy growth and reduce the risk for weeds and disease.

Fertilizing and Pest Control Services

Summer is also a great time to provide fertilization for your grass, trees, shrubbery, and plants to help them to be healthy. Fertilizing should occur about three to five times throughout the year, depending on your property. Make sure to ask your full service landscaping company about a fertilization schedule so you’ll know when to expect it. Most fertilization for lawns will also include weed control, and both will typically be applied at the same time. This will help your grass to stay green and weed-free throughout the year. Pest control services can be used to stay on top of anything from ants to beetles, plant-damaging pests, and other common concerns throughout the season. Speak with your Glocester landscape contractors about including pest control with your summer landscaping in Rhode Island.

Bush and Tree Trimming Services

While you might need to contact a licensed arborist for large-scale tree issues, your full service landscaping company should be able to help you out with trimming bushes and shrubs, as well as certain trees. One to two times throughout the summer should be enough to stay on top of seasonal growth, keeping your bushes, shrubs, and trees trimmed and shaped properly for aesthetic appeal and long-lasting good health. Making sure that there is no overhang near buildings, walkways, driveways, and other areas where liability issues could pose a problem is just part of what your Glocester landscape contractors should be provided in this area. Increasing curb appeal should always be at the forefront of your approach to landscaping services, and these high profile plants are always the first to get noticed by passersby, tenants, residents, and visitors to your property.

Fall Preparation

As summer landscaping in Rhode Island comes to a close, and the crisp breezes of fall hit the New England region, it’s time to start preparing for the new season. When the leaves begin to fall, make sure that your full service landscaping company stays on top of the cleanup. Some will mulch the leaves or simply remove them from your property. Other seasonal services include cutting back perennials to improve health during the dormant late fall to winter seasons. Dead leaves and other organic debris can be harmful to your lawn. Things like fungal growth, increased thatching, and disease are just some of the issues experienced by property owners and managers who do not request this type of service. Consult with Rhode Island sod and seed experts for other seasonal services that will help to prepare your lawn for the fall season so your springtime growth can be accelerated as soon as the snow melts.

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