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Summer Hardscaping in Rhode Island: Create a Tropical Paradise

hardscaping tropical paradise in northern rhode islandBring the feel of the tropics home with Rhode Island hardscape elements that you can enjoy year-round. Palm trees and Bird of Paradise might not be hearty enough for winter weather, but there are things that you can do with outdoor living spaces that will give you those beachy vibes. Perfect for commercial and residential properties, either poolside or in an outdoor dining and entertainment area, take advantage of hardscaping construction to make your tropical dreams come true. Eastern Landscaping can provide design and installation for summer hardscaping in Rhode Island, providing insight and advice that will help you to achieve your goals – without blowing your budget.

Surround Your Space with Natural Stone

One of the elements that you will see frequently in tropical hardscaping design is the beautiful stone retaining walls that surround the focal points, including swimming pools, spas, sunning areas, picnic spots, and outdoor cooking and dining areas. Even walking garden paths can be enhanced greatly by the creative design and installation of natural stone Rhode Island hardscape elements. Low retaining walls, higher security-focused walls, and even natural footpaths will bring the tropical vibe home to New England. Our team can offer a wide range of materials and installation options that will help you get the look and feel that you want for your commercial or residential property.

Potted Plants Add a Touch of the Tropics

Built-in planters, flower beds, and potted plants can all be used to provide that lush, green look to your summer hardscaping in Rhode Island. Our team has many years of experience working with landscaping elements in New England and can offer advice on some of the hardiest tropical plants that can be used in your outdoor designs during the summer months. Some may be kept indoors during the winter months or a greenhouse, as necessary, while others can be treated as temporary color spots, just as you would spring and summer flower plantings on your property. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors, textures, shapes, and scents to fill your new outdoor living spaces with a tropical sensory experience that goes beyond hardscaping construction plans.

How to Choose Built-in Elements for Your Property

Our team will come to your property and walk it with you to help you choose the best options to meet your goals and stay on budget. Built-in elements, such as seating, tables, planters, and other functional pieces, are an investment in the future of your property. Unlike purchasing furniture, planters, and décor that will have a limited functional run, hardscaping construction features are made from stone, concrete, wood, and other “hard” materials and are designed to last for many years. The return on investment from built-in elements can really pay off compared to lawn chairs, recliners, and other moveable pieces that will be used in your outdoor living spaces.

Add Water Features, Lighting, and More

To complete the look and feel of your tropical paradise, make sure to use other Rhode Island hardscape elements that add multiple benefits to your property. Landscape lighting can be used to extend the use of outdoor living spaces into the evening, offering opportunities for outdoor entertaining and dining on-site, as well as encourage safe use of the property at night. Whether your guests and customers enjoy a walk on the footpath through your gardens, a healthy job around the greenbelt, or appreciate a moonlit dining experience surrounded by lush plants and a well-planned hardscaping design, it can all pay off significantly. Water features, including fountains, waterfalls, and babbling brooks, can add a sound sensation that underscores your tropical theme. Make sure to ask about all of these options when you meet with our team to discuss your plans for summer hardscaping in Rhode Island.

Get a No-Cost Estimate for Our Services

At Eastern Landscaping, we don’t just offer landscaping and hardscaping construction but ongoing maintenance, care, and support for your Rhode Island hardscape elements and landscape features. Contact our team to get a no-cost estimate for any of the services we provide, whether you require the design and construction of outdoor living spaces, repair of existing hardscaping elements, or wish to create a tropical paradise right here in New England. You can reach us by calling 401-766-9035 or using our online contact form to request a call back at your convenience.

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