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Strategic Planting for Commercial Properties in Rhode Island

Commercial property managers and owners are always looking for new ways to increase the value of their property and make it more safe and secure for tenants, visitors, and employees. One way to make improvements that will make an impact is to hire professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island. Whether your goal is to make aesthetic changes, such as flower bed planting and care, or if you want to renovate your approach to landscape design and lawn care completely, full service landscaping services can help you do it right.

Why Landscaping is Important
Professional landscaping is an essential part of property management and upkeep for commercial properties, whether you are catering to consumers in a shopping center, business clients in an industrial complex, or renters in an apartment complex. Full service landscaping is a necessity, not a luxury, and it should be used to the advantage of the property. Creating a strategic approach to planting that will not just make the property look it’s very best, but will also enhance the function of the property amenities as a whole, is key to successful landscape design and lawn care.

The first thing that your visitors will see when they come to your property is the landscaping and the parking lot. If you do not have professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island tending to your grass, shrubbery, trees, and public areas, you won’t make a great first impression. Regardless of the season, the landscaping of your property should be considered an important asset that must be managed and maintained accordingly. Businesses that want to take their commercial properties to the next level of growth and profits understand the importance of making an investment in full service landscaping.

Investing in the Future
While you might not think about grass and plants as a solid investment in the future, many commercial property owners spend thousands of dollars each year to properly landscape and care for retail, office, industrial, and residential complexes. Not only will it help keep the property looking great, but some strategic plantings, such as beautiful trees and flower bed planting and care, can attract new customers or clients to your business. A well-planned and installed landscape design and lawn care solution can attract new renters to residential complexes and new tenants to commercial retail centers, increasing revenue and value across the board.

Strategic landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can be used to enhance signage, improve green belt and visitor use areas, assist in marketing the property through advertisements and drive-bys, while also creating focal points that will attract buyers and customers to certain areas of the property. This is beneficial to office buildings, exclusive communities, campuses, retail shopping malls, and many other types of commercial properties. When you work with your landscaping designer to create a look and feel that compliments the layout of the property and highlights the work that is being done there, it all comes together to create a cohesive design that increases the value of the property as a whole.

Safety Strategies
Did you know that landscaping can be used to improve safety on your commercial property? Strategic planting design has been used in this way for hundreds if not thousands of years. Studies show that strategic landscape design and lawn care can be a better deterrent to criminal activity than bars on windows or razor wire fencing. Wide open spaces without a lot of bushes that can be used for hiding areas create a natural edge to surveillance activities. Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed down to two to three feet in height to make it difficult for someone to hide. You can also use ground cover strategically to reduce crime opportunities.

Fences, walls, and landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can all be used together to separate public access areas from private areas. Flower bed planting and care not only looks great, but can contain plants and other ground cover items that would deter criminal opportunity near tenant, customer, or residential areas. Landscape lighting should also be used to provide visitors with a greater sense of security and confidence while they are on your property. Work with your full service landscaping team to create organic and hardscaping design ideas that will make your property safer.

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