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Springtime Flower Beds: Low Maintenance Ideas in Warwick, RI

Low Maintenance Landscaping WarwickCommercial property owners are always looking for ways to implement low maintenance solutions for landscaping that will help to save time and money. Whether you are looking for basic flower bed planting and care, or are in need of full service landscaping in Warwick and the surrounding area, you should look to the professional services of a qualified commercial landscaping provider. Maintenance is a very important part of property management, but it can be very time-consuming for in-house employees to take care of on a regular basis. Eastern Landscaping can provide your commercial property with a wide range of top quality services, such as tree and shrub planting, lawn maintenance, and much more.

Low Maintenance Solutions
Some of the best solutions for a busy commercial property are simple. Even if you hire our team for full service landscaping in Warwick, Rhode Island, you can reduce the amount of work we need to include on a weekly basis. The way to do this is by implementing low maintenance solutions for flower beds and other high maintenance areas, which can require more frequent servicing to keep looking their best.

Some of the best low maintenance solutions for commercial properties include:

  • Sustainable Planting – This isn’t just important for the environment, but also for the amount of daily and weekly landscaping services that are required. Tree and shrub planting should be done with sustainability in mind, as well as flower bed planting and care. Choose plants that are easy to care for, that require little water, and that won’t grow out of control quickly. Some property management companies choose to change out flowers seasonally to avoid the maintenance that typically comes with weeding, dead-heading and raking. Select native plants to fill in the areas behind the colorful flowers to enhance the look and feel without having to remove all of the plants every time you update the color spot.
  • Create Activity Zones – If you tend to have a lot of foot traffic on your lawns or flower bed areas, caused by customers walking through green belt areas or taking short cuts through gardens, consider using landscape design to eliminate these issues. Eastern Landscaping can help you with landscaping design ideas that will provide you with low maintenance solutions, including hardscaping pathways, walkways and retaining walls to prevent foot traffic where you don’t want it. For property management at residential properties, such as apartment complexes, condos and other multi-family units, consider adding play areas for children or picnic areas for families to reduce foot traffic on lawns and gardens.
  • Address Hills and Slopes – Another thing that can increase the work requirements for your crew is having to mow, rake and trim up and down hills and slopes. Eliminating hills, slopes and valleys from your property can reduce the contract time for your full service landscaping in Warwick. Another option is remove grass from these areas and fill the space with ground cover that doesn’t require any maintenance. This can add texture and beauty to the space in contrast to the grass, tree and shrub plantings and flower bed plantings and care.
  • Weekly Maintenance – Avoid troubles that come from not staying on top of your landscaping are. Weekly maintenance is a must for properties of all sizes and the grass should be mowed and trimmed at least once a week. Implementing low maintenance solutions can reduce the amount of time that your professional landscaping company is on site, but regular maintenance should still be employed on a weekly basis to keep the property looking professional and neat.

Work With a Professional Designer
The best way to implement low maintenance solutions for your commercial property is to work directly with a professional landscape designer who will create a custom plan for your retail, office, industrial or multi-family residential property. A qualified designer will address everything from tree and shrub planting to flower bed and planting care, as well as make provisions for professional full service landscaping in Warwick or the surrounding area. Choosing a local designer will help you to implement sustainable solutions with native plantings that require very little water or maintenance. If you are interested in learning more about the wide range of commercial services available through Eastern Landscaping, please give us a call at 401-766-9035 and ask for a NO COST estimate for your Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts commercial property.

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