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Spring Planting Ideas & Tips for Your Providence Flower Bed

Spring Planting TipsOne of the benefits of working with landscaping companies in Rhode Island that provide full service landscaping is having the opportunity to add flower bed planting and care. Taking care of flowers, shrubs and flowering shrubs can be a lot of work. Knowing when to do tree and shrub planting in Providence can be tricky, especially during a year when winter lingers or spring comes too soon. It is important to know about soil temperatures and to check the quality of the soil before planting, in order to get the best results. If you are thinking about having your landscaping company plant some flowers and shrubs for you this spring, here are some ideas and tips that you can use to create a beautiful New England garden all of your own.

Landscaping Secret: Pops of Color
One of the best kept landscaping secrets for beautiful gardens and flower bed planting and care is to go sparingly with color. Some homeowners choose to use flowers of a single color or to complementary colors that work well together. Others go for the whole “wildflower” appeal, and choose flowers of many different shades to create a beautiful living rainbow of color. The secret to creating a well-balanced garden is to select pops of color to insert in between the greenery. This will give you the most professional effect.

Great ideas for pops of color include:

  • flower beds accented with green shrubs to showcase the colorful petals
  • flowering shrubs mixed in with green shrubs and trees
  • hardscaping elements with flowers disbursed in permanent growing areas
  • flowering trees surrounded by green lawns and shrubs
  • seasonal flowers lining a walkway or outdoor living space

When to Plant?
Consult with your landscaping companies in Rhode Island early on to figure out when it is best to start planting. Include the planting of annuals, perennials, shrubs, flowering shrubs and trees as part of your full service landscaping to keep your yard looking seasonal and fresh. Your team of landscaping professionals can give you advice about options for tree and shrub planting in Providence, as well as provide details on flower bed planting and care. Sometimes it is best to layer in different elements as the weather warms up to ensure that your new plants will thrive.

What to Plant?
Ask your full service landscaping company for suggestions, based on local, native plants and popular seasonal choices. However, you can also provide a list of trees, shrubs and flowers that you are interested in getting for your Providence home, based on the look that you want to create. While it might not be possible to get every type of plant that you suggest simply due to seasonal limitations or issues with your soil or sun exposure, it can be fun to get involved in the work that your landscaping companies in Rhode Island provide at your home.

Some of the best flowering shrubs for New England gardens include:

  • Viburnum – this shrub looks great all year long, featuring pretty white flower in the spring and blue berries in the summer, with beautiful colors in the fall; excellent in full sun or partial shade and is a great choice for hedges and borders
  • Happy Face Bush – bright yellow flowers continue to bloom through late spring and summer, providing great looks and low maintenance; drought tolerant once established, this plant requires full sun and stands about two to three feet in height
  • Hydrangea – excellent choice for smaller spaces and for groupings of shrubs, choose the “little lime hardy” version for New England gardens; light green flowers in the spring that turn to pink in the summer; drought tolerant, it can grow in full sun to partial shade
  • Forsythia – requires full sun and lots of watering, bright yellow flowers will start blooming in early spring and will last all summer; grows quite tall, up to six feet; full sun and excellent for fence borders and foundation areas

Ask your landscaping companies in Rhode Island about bringing in native plants for your flower bed planting and care. Native plants don’t require a lot of extra maintenance, irrigation or special soil changes. They can add beauty and authenticity to your New England garden, especially when paired with smart choices for tree and shrub planting in Providence.

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