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Spring Lawn Care in Rhode Island: Prepare for Warm Weather Now

Spring Lawn Care in Rhode IslandA brand new season is just around the corner in Rhode Island. While it might feel that Old Man Winter will never leave, he will be gone before you know it. If you own or manage commercial property in Northern Rhode Island, now is the best time to start preparing for warm weather by working with reputable commercial landscaping services. Eastern Landscaping, Inc. has many years of experience working with commercial and residential clients in the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts region. We provide top quality spring lawn care in Rhode Island to help get your property in shape for the growing season.

Step One – Start by Cleaning Up the Property

The first thing that you will want to do after the snow and ice melt away is to assess your property for any damage that may have occurred during the winter and begin the clean-up process. When you hire our landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, you get a team of dedicated workers who will help you to clear your property and provide you with a clean slate. Dead branches, damaged trees, muddy areas, sloping issues, and even damage caused by snow removal trucks and deicing chemicals can be repaired through our commercial landscaping services. We can also assist with hardscaping design, construction, maintenance, and repair to help your property look its very best.

Step Two – Check the Irrigation System

After a long, hard winter in hibernation, your irrigation system requires a bit of attention to get it up and running again. You should have had our crew or your maintenance team shut off all the water and blow out the irrigation to prevent it from freezing. If this was done properly, you shouldn’t have any issues; however, we will check each sprinkler head to make sure that nothing was damaged while everything was covered with snow. We will run tests to ensure that water is flowing properly and that there are no leaks in the system. This will help to eliminate potential damage, reduce water consumption, and prepare your irrigation so the new plants, lawn, and other landscaping elements will grow properly.

Step Three – Spring Lawn Care Services

Even if you only have small areas of grass on your commercial property, our team will check the existing grass for bare spots and other seasonal damage. Spring lawn care in Rhode Island is important to ensure that you will have lush and beautiful grass in the summer months. Keeping your lawn trimmed and green will help to improve the curb appeal of your office, store, restaurant, or other commercial building, just as flowers, signage and structural maintenance would. We can add extra soil where it may have been washed away, drop a bit of seed to repair bare spots, and offer extra care to help get your lawn ready for spring and summer seasons.

Step Four – Fertilizing and Pruning

Another essential task that should be done alongside springtime commercial landscaping services is fertilizing and pruning. If you want your lawn and plants to look their very best, you’ve got to “feed” them with quality fertilizer at the right time of year. Pruning also needs to be done to help keep plants and trees healthy and strong. Trimming can also remove any dead, dying, or damaged branches and limbs, as well as help to clear unusual growths to enhance the appearance of the tree and your property. Speak with one of our technicians about these landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island for your commercial property.

Step Five – Final Curb Appeal

Color spots, flower beds, walkways, and even signage can use a little sprucing up after a long, freezing winter season. Our team can assist with the cleaning and maintenance of all your hardscaping areas, including patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, property borders, flower beds, and other common areas. Sometimes all you need is a powerwash and some added color near the entrance to attract attention to your business.

If you are in need of commercial landscaping services or spring lawn care in Rhode Island, contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. by calling 401-766-9035. We can provide a NO COST estimate for any of the services that we offer. We are proud to have earned a solid reputation in the local area for our many years of experience delivering professional maintenance and landscape construction services to commercial and residential clients. Browse our website to see our full list of hardscaping and landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

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