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Spring Lawn Care in Rhode Island: Get Your Yard Ready to Grow

If you do not take the time to perform landscape spring preparation for your residential or commercial property, you will end up paying for it in time and money through the whole summer. Basic chores are all that’s required for spring lawn care in Rhode Island. The goal is to give your lawn a fighting chance after all of the fall and winter weather that it has been exposed to, such as snow, rain, sleet, and ice. Fall preparation will help your lawn to have a head start in the spring, but even if you were unable to take care of those chores, your Rhode Island spring cleaning tasks will still help you to achieve your goals.

Start by taking stock of your situation. Trim up any branches from trees, bushes, and shrubs that were damaged during the winter. If you aren’t sure how to best go about this, or if you have branches hanging over your roof, you will want to hire a professional service to take care of it for you. The best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island is one that will provide you with a FREE no cost estimate, offer solutions to your specific lawn care and landscaping issues, and has a solid reputation within the local industry. Eastern Landscaping, Inc. can help you with all of your spring lawn care in Rhode Island.

Raking Out the Lawn
The next step after performing any urgent tasks to prevent further damage is to start by raking out your lawn. New England property owners know about raking due to the mass amounts of leaves that are raked in the local region each fall season. However, spring raking is a little different. The goal here is to control the thatch, which is the under portion of your lawn. If you allow the thatch to build up more than a half-inch, it will make it more difficult for your new spring lawn to grow. Thatch removal is one of the most important landscape spring preparation steps required to get your lawn ready for the spring and summer months.

Tips for proper thatch removal include:

  • rake deeply to remove thatch build-up
  • thatch removal is required for Rhode Island spring cleaning, even if you did it already in the fall
  • remove dead grass blades as well to prevent them from becoming thatch
  • raking helps you identify matted patches of grass, caused by “snow mold”

What is Snow Mold?
You might not have heard of it before, but snow mold is a real thing. It is actually a winter disease known as Typhula Blight, which can cause the grass blades to stick together. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for new grass to get through and grow properly. In most cases, a simple raking is all it takes to solve the problem. The disease shouldn’t affect your grass in the spring and summer if you are able to use the rake properly to remove the matted blades. The raking allows air to circulate around the damaged area, helping the turf to make a full recovery. It is important to remove all debris from the snow mold and to properly fertilize the area when it comes time to overseed or begin growing new grass.

Addressing Compacted Soil
Another issue that can be remedied during Rhode Island spring cleaning, is identifying and addressing compacted soil. This can occur if there is a lot of traffic on the lawn, regardless of the season. It is most obvious after the winter snow has receded, making it easier to locate and repair. If not dealt with properly before the spring grass begins to grow, you will have bald patches or growing patches of moss ruining your beautiful lawn.

One way to identify areas of compacted soil is to look for moss. Moss is a clear signal of compaction, as well as other serious conditions. Do not rely on chemicals to remove it. Instead, take the time to address the compacted soil issue first by aerating the lawn properly.

Dealing with compacted soil can be a challenge. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can always hire the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island to do it for you. Speak with your landscaping service about compacted soil and other issues that should be taken care of during landscape spring preparation. If your goal is to have a gorgeous, lush lawn this year, let your landscaping company know.

Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. in Northern Rhode Island
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