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Spring Lawn Care in Rhode Island for Commercial Properties

One of the most crucial seasons for commercial landscaping services is spring. After the snow and ice melt away, most properties are left with dull-colored, matted down grass that requires immediate attention. Spring lawn care in Rhode Island will vary from property to property, depending on the unique situation. Some commercial properties have a larger lawn space than others, while some integrate hardscaping elements and other materials in with their lawn to reduce the amount of seasonal work that must be done for proper upkeep. Your goal should be to hire the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island based on your individual needs and requirements. Eastern Landscaping provides a wide range of options through our full service landscape company for clients in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Identifying Your Needs

We start each new working relationship by coming out to the property to discuss your needs and identify any areas that require special attention. After the snow melts and the lawn is revealed, it is a good idea to assess the damage that was caused by winter weather. This can include the grass itself, as well as flower beds and color spots, trees, bushes, shrubs, and hardscaping elements. The freeze-thaw cycle that occurs during the winter can do a lot of damage, expanding tiny cracks to create significant damage. If these cracks are ignored, the problem will only get worse the next time a freeze occurs.

Commercial landscaping services should check for:

  • Damage to lawns, including bare patches, dead or dying grass, miscolored grass, and weed growth, as well as anything else unusual in the grassy areas.
  • Broken or otherwise damaged bushes, shrubs, and trees. Overhanging branches should be trimmed and removed as soon as possible to prevent further injury.
  • Cracked, broken, or damaged hardscaping elements, including sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking areas, patios, footpaths, retaining walls, curbing, flower bed elements, fountains, statues, arbors, gazebos, steps, stairs, stepping stones, bridges, or anything else that is made of wood, stone, rock, pavers, planters, built-in elements, and other solid materials.
  • Flower gardens, color spots, and landscaping near signage.

Full Service Landscape Company

One sign that you are working with the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island is when you find a service that offers a complete array of options to help you get your property looking its best. Not only would they walk the property and assess any damage that needs to be repaired to landscaping and hardscaping, but they would also schedule clean-up of any debris. Windy weather, ice, and snow, rain runoffs – all of these situations can result in waste finding its way to your commercial property throughout the late fall to the early spring season. Paper trash, wrappers, twigs, leaves, acorns, pinecones, and other debris should be removed. If allowed to sit on the grass as the snow melts and the ground warms up, these items could prevent air from circulating around the grass and inhibit growth.

Once the property is cleared, and everything is repaired, it is a good idea to have the hardscaping elements power washed, scrubbed, and cleaned, depending on the requirements of the building materials. This will give you a fresh and clean start for the new season. A maintenance check should be performed to ensure that the irrigation is working correctly and that all systems on-site have been cleaned, maintained, and inspected before they are switched on and used. This will avoid any surprises when these systems begin to be used again during the late spring to early fall seasons. Working with a team of professionals can help to make quick and easy work out of spring lawn care in Rhode Island. Commercial landscaping services should have experience working with your specific type of property, as the needs of an office complex can be quite different than what is required at a large outdoor shopping mall.

Get a NO-COST Estimate

If you are interested in learning more about Eastern Landscaping and our commercial landscaping services, give us a call at 401-766-9035. We can answer any questions you might have about the opportunities available for spring lawn care in Rhode Island or schedule an on-site consultation to discuss your goals. We take pride in being the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island. We are proud to have earned the long-term business of many commercial and residential clients throughout the Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts area.

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