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Spring Landscape Design & Lawn Care in Northern Rhode Island

spring landscaping northern rhode islandWhen the snow and ice melt, it’s time to take care of landscape spring preparation. For most commercial businesses, the more planning you can do before the thaw, the easier it will be to get the services you need to get your property looking its best. Eastern Landscaping, Inc. has many years of experience working as a full service landscaping company for both commercial and residential properties. We bring a wide range of top quality landscaping services to Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts that are designed to meet or exceed expectations.

The Change of Seasons

If your commercial property is like most in the local area, your grounds in winter look very different than how they look in the summer. After a few months of being surrounded by snow, ice, and slush, you are probably excited to bring in a clean-up crew to start making preparations for the new season. Spring is a time of rebirth, planting, and growth. It is time to start planting flowers, clearing out debris, and making sure that everything from lawns to trees are ready to start growing and greening as soon as the temperatures rise. A commercial property that is surrounded by lush grass, healthy trees, and blooming flowers will make a stunning first impression to customers, clients, vendors, and visitors.

All of this beauty and growth does not happen on its own, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Working with a team of professionals to ensure that your landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island are performed on-time and stay on-budget will help you to maximize the potential of your property and keep it looking it’s very best. Landscape spring preparation can help to ensure that lawns bounce back after being dormant through the winter and that flowers are planted at the right time so they will provide a solid return on investment. Eastern Landscaping, Inc. specializes in commercial properties and works as a full service landscape company in Southern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island. We can help you get your property back in shape after a long, hard winter and provide services that will keep it looking great year-round.

Cleanup Services and Property Inspection

The first thing you will want to do when the snow disappears is to hire our crew to provide cleanup services. We remove all of the trash, debris, and dead or dying plants from your property to give it a fresh, clean start for the new season. We can even make repairs to things that were damaged during the winter, including irrigation, turf, curbs, and hardscaping elements. Our team can even take care of trees, shrubbery, and get rid of any leaves, sticks, and pine needles that fell to the ground during the winter. We can assist with pruning back the trees and shrubs that have broken or dying branches and make sure they are healthy enough to begin the growing season for maximum results.

Preparation of planting beds for flowers, bushes, and other aesthetically-pleasing items should also be done at this time. We can turn over any mulch that was added in the fall, apply a pre-emergent weed control product to prevent weeds from popping up when the weather gets warm and edge the planting beds. We can make recommendations for other landscape spring preparation services, such as adding fresh mulch to protect sensitive roots and plants from the harsh summer sun and make sure that you are not over or under-watering anything. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can also offer planning tips and services for professional landscape design and lawn care.

Taking Care of Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties can have a variety of different elements, all of which require attention from a full service landscape company. Lawns need even more support, including the application of pre-emergent weed control, balanced turf fertilizer, and other products designed to green-up lawns and get them healthy enough to last through the long, hot summer months. Whether you require initial installation services or ongoing landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, Eastern Landscaping, Inc. can help you to achieve all of your goals. Our many years of experience working with commercial and residential clients in the local area will work to your advantage. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to get a comprehensive NO COST estimate for any of the services we provide.

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