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Sod vs Seed: The Quest for Green Grass in Providence, Rhode Island

Sod vs Seed for Rhode Island lawnsDo you wish that you could have a perfectly manicured lush green lawn this summer? It can happen! Providence seeding services through the experienced team at Eastern Landscaping can help make all of your green lawn dreams come true. Spring lawn care in Rhode Island is different than what you will see in other parts of the country. Grasses need different types of care depending on the local soil, rainfall and temperature ranges. However, we will also often see differences between one neighbor’s yard and the other. The amount of sunlight and the amount of care given, as well as the seed variety that is used, can also affect the appearance and the color.

What About Sod?
So is a mature turf that was grown and cared for by a team of professional landscapers. You will most often see this in big rolls, where it is rolled out like a rug on someone’s front yard or in front of new construction. More expensive than just using seed due to the amount of work that is involved in creating it before it gets to your home, sod is a great “instant” fix to a dead or dying front yard. While installation will still take a bit of time and labor, it is much faster than waiting for seed to grow. It can be part of spring lawn care in Rhode Island to replace an old lawn that didn’t come back after the winter or that needed some sprucing up.

Sod planting in Providence can cost a lot more than planting seed, but you will get much faster results. If you are trying to sell your home, are hosting a party or have another reason for wanting to get your lawn in shape in a matter of days versus a matter of weeks or months, then sod might be the best choice for you. The best time of year to lay sod is spring and fall, however it can be laid any time during the year as long as there is enough water available to help get it established. Sod is a great choice for sloped areas of your property where seed can often erode away during watering. Again, make sure to speak with your landscapers about sod planting in Providence to help you choose the type of grass that will work best with your unique situation.

What About Seed?
When we talk about Rhode Island sod and seed, seed is exactly how it sounds, it is grass seed that is planted to grow a lawn. Growing grass from seed involves planting, fertilizing and watering until it grows in full. Some homeowners do this themselves, but you will get best results if you hire Providence seeding services through Eastern Landscaping to do it for you. Not only can they suggest the best seed for your property, but they can also help you to make informed choices based on color, sun exposure, watering requirements and thickness to help you get the lawn you have always wanted.

Seeding, even by a professional, is much more affordable than sod, so if budget is a factor, then seeding might be the right choice for you. While seeding does take longer than sod, it can produce a more lush and established lawn if you have the time to wait for it. Speak with your Rhode Island sod and seed service to find out what time of year they recommend for seeding in order to get the best results. There are a lot more seed types available to homeowners than there are types of sod, so if you want to try an unusual variety or go with some more native grasses, you may want to try seed. Lawns that are started with seed are often stronger and healthier over time than sod lawns, so if you are in it for the “long haul,” then seed might be the best option.

Making a Choice
The best way to decide between Providence seeding services and sod planting is to work with a professional landscaper who has experience providing both options in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. While both types can be done by an amateur, you will get the best results and most return on your investment if you hire a professional to take care of your Rhode Island sod and seed services for you. There are quirks to each method, such as sod needing to be overlapped to avoid shrinking and empty gaps, or seed sometimes having issues with germination in certain spots or getting washed away in the rain.

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