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Sod & Seed for Spring: Commercial Landscape in Rhode Island

rhode island sod and seedIf you dream of a lush, green lawn for your commercial property in New England, it pays to plan ahead. Rhode Island spring cleaning services with professional landscaping companies are in high demand and should be scheduled well before the snow and ice completely melt. Sod and seed services can be performed at certain times throughout the year. Spring is one of the most optimal times for planting fresh sod in New England, so it is essential to secure an installation date with your trusted Glocester landscape contractors before their schedule is full. Commercial landscape in Rhode Island can require attention throughout the year, including planting, installation, weeding, maintaining, and seasonal preparation work. Eastern Landscaping offers full service landscaping to commercial and residential clients throughout the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts region.

Sod & Seed: What is the Difference?

Planting seed means growing new grass directly from seed. This is a common process that is typically used to patch dead, dry, or bare spots as a form of repair or as an overseeding method that is used in the summer and fall months. The ground is often too hard in the early spring months to accommodate seeding, which is why sod installation is a more common method in the northern states. Sodding is the transplant of mature turf that has been grown and cared for by a professional. It is rolled out like a big, green rug and is planted into large areas for commercial and residential clients. While there are many other variables that must be considered to help achieve your landscaping goals, the choice between sod and seed is often determined by the time of year, size of the project, and budget of the property owner.

Sod is the most expensive option, as it provides immediate results and covers the cost of someone else growing and maintaining the lawn before it is installed. New landscaping projects, construction developments, and other types of jobs will often require the use of sod. Instead of having to wait weeks for a lawn to grow and mature from seed, the instant gratification that comes from installing sod can’t be beaten. Rooting will still take a while and must be done when the ground is adequately prepared to accept the new lawn, but it is much quicker than seeding. Make sure to work with a team of trained and experienced professionals when you decide to lay down sod or plant the new seed to get the best possible results. The quality of the sod itself will also play a role, so it pays to discuss this with your Glocester landscape contractors before installation.

Quality Sod & Seed in Northern Rhode Island

It is essential to understand that not all sod is created equal. The quality of sod that you get for commercial landscape in Rhode Island will significantly impact your results. While it might appear to be completely weed-free at first glance, there are different levels of quality. Work with your trusted full service landscaping team to choose the best possible sod product for your Rhode Island spring cleaning services. You might require a mixture of sod and seed, depending on the property itself. Sod is typically grown from a general type of seed that is selected due to its ability to be used in all-day sunshine and other similar locations. If you have spots on your property where shade is prevalent for a majority of the day or if there are other growing challenges, your landscapers may suggest a specialized seed instead.

Figuring out which method is best will depend significantly on your property, timeline, and budget. It pays to work with a team of highly trained and experienced landscapers who understand the needs of Rhode Island lawn care. Drought tolerance, temperature, seasonal weather, and other environmental influences may help or hinder the growth of sod and seed products. Experienced Glocester landscape contractors should help you to navigate these challenges and ensure that you pick the best options to maximize the return on your investment.

Get a NO-COST Estimate for Rhode Island Spring Cleaning

The best way to get a jump start on the spring season is to contact Eastern Landscaping for commercial landscape in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We can provide you a NO-COST estimate for our services, offer professional landscape consulting, and answer any questions you might have about full service landscaping maintenance opportunities. Call today at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our team members or to schedule a visit with our Glocester landscape contractors.

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