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Snow Removal

Like the beautiful autumn leaves that plague New England in the fall, snow is a beautiful thing to behold – until you have to do something with it. Woonsocket residents and local business owners can sometimes require a safe solution to help with snow removal to help keep sidewalks, driveways and other surfaces free from snow and ice.

The liability that can come from not taking control over snow management is a risk that no one should take. Hiring professional snow removal services for commercial snow removal or residential snow removal can help you take charge of the situation and prevent accidents from occurring.


Snow Removal Services

When you contact Eastern Landscaping to help with snow management services, you can count on the professionalism and safety benefits that come from working with this organization. We offer all of the services you need – including sanding, shoveling and plow services; we have all the equipment required to get the job done effectively and efficiently; and we even offer a FREE consultation for Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts residents and business owners who are interested in getting a quote.


Commercial Snow Removal

If you own a commercial property or business in the local area, Eastern Landscaping can provide you with top quality snow removal services. Our trained team of professional use top quality equipment to offer our clients with fast, reliable snow plowing services. We also offer snow removal, hauling and de-icing services for local business owners that are in and around the Woonsocket, Rhode Island area, including all of Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. Keep those parking spaces, driveways and walkways clear for your customers – call Eastern Landscaping to clear up that snowy mess on your property!


Residential Snow Removal

You might think that professional snow management services are just for commercial business owners, but there are more local residents in the Greater Woonsocket area who utilize our residential snow removal services than you might think. There are many reasons to hire snow removal services for your residential property, but the main reason is that it is just nice to have someone else do it for you that you can count on to do it reliably throughout the harsh winter season. Learn how to enjoy winter in New England – hire Eastern Landscaping to take care of your snow problem so you can relax throughout the season!

Call Eastern Landscaping today at (401) 766-9035 and get a FREE consultation on any of our snow management or snow removal services. It’s never too early to make plans for winter weather – make sure to ask about our special pricing for commercial and residential snow removal customers!