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Secret to Having a Beautiful Lawn in Southern Massachusetts

Planting Sod Southern MassachusettsThe quest to have a beautiful law lies in hiring top quality residential landscaping services. Many homeowners try planting and over-seeding their lawns year after year, but never get the lush, green results that they desire. The secret to having gorgeous grass in New England lies in good soil, proper planting, appropriate fertilization and professional sod planting in Southern Massachusetts. Eastern Landscaping offers a wide range of sod and seeding services to clients throughout the South Coast region, including seeding, sod planting and lawn fertilization in Southern Mass and Rhode Island.

Preparing the Soil
The first thing that needs to be done in order for sod to thrive is to prepare the soil. You can order the best sod in all of Rhode Island, but if the soil isn’t right, it’s not going to grow. Good soil is essential to the success of sod planting in Southern Massachusetts. Work with your residential landscaping services to make sure that your soil is properly prepared in advance of your sod being installed. A proper balance of sunlight, water, air and nutrients, which come from the soil, is required for sod to establish and grow. Too much or too little of any of these ingredients and your grass will fail.

One of the reasons why you hire a team of professionals to take care of your South Mass fertilizing, planting and seeding is because they know what they are doing. Count on your team of landscapers to ensure that your soil is loamy or sandy loamy with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0. This combination will provide you with a low-maintenance, yet very durable, lawn that you can enjoy all season long. It is rare to find this ideal type of soil, regardless of where you look, so some work will need to be done to get it into shape. Once the soil has been prepared, you can start thinking about sod planting.

Preparing the Site
Figure out where you want to plant the sod at your property. Your residential landscaping services team will do the rest. They will start by clearing the site of all materials, including stones, rocks, buried stumps and any other types of debris. The area must be graded to repair any existing issues with drainage, such as water pooling or being moved back toward the house. Sloping the ground away from the home will reduce the amount of flooding or water problems at the property. The soil should be tilled approximately two inches for proper planting.

Topsoil and amendments for the soil can now be added to achieve the proper pH level and consistency. Approximately four to six inches of topsoil should be added to the area. Soil needs to be re-tested to ensure the proper levels so corrections can be made before the sod planting in Southern Massachusetts. At this time, South Mass fertilizer can be added, as required, to provide everything that the sod will need to get established. Lawn fertilization in Southern Mass can also be added later, as the nutrients in the soil are consumed and the sod requires more fertilizer. The grades should be re-checked and the area rolled with a lawn roller to firm the surface.

Installation and Care
Once the sod has been installed on your property, your residential landscaping services specialist will likely provide water to the new turf within about 30 minutes after installation. This will help encourage establishment and growth. An irrigation system should be used to provide even and consistent water across the lawn. This will prevent pooling, puddling and over-watering. Quality landscaping services should be able to provide proper care and feeding for sod lawns, mowing no more than a third of the glass blade at each mowing. Check with your landscaping company to find out when the first mowing should be to provide the new sod with time to establish.

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