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Seasonal Work: Landscaping Services in Northern Rhode Island

seasonal landscaping services rhode islandThe time between fall and winter is often the best time of year to prepare your commercial landscaping for the coming spring. Whether you require maintenance of flower beds or want to start making plans for landscape construction, it’s best to work with a team of professionals. Our landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can be used for new landscaping installations, existing maintenance, and preventive care for everything from lawns to trees. Our Rhode Island snow removal services are also essential for our commercial clients, ensuring that customers, vendors, and employees can still reach your property even when the rest of the region is blanketed in snow and ice.

Lawn Preparation Services

With autumn in full swing, make sure to speak with your landscaping company about lawn preparation services. The more you can do now before the first frost hits, the easier it will be to have a lush, green lawn in the spring. Aeration, fertilization, trimming, planting, feeding, and pest control services are often provided in the fall when the trees and other plants begin to go dormant. When you work with quality landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, you can count on the technicians to offer you everything you need for winter landscape preparation. If you are currently handling landscaping in-house, you may want to consult with our team of professionals for seasonal work. Sometimes just a one-time service can be beneficial to stay on top of all of the services that need to be completed before it snows.

Irrigation Care Services

Have you properly prepared your commercial property irrigation system for freezing weather? The lines all need to be cleared, the water needs to be shut off, and the system needs to be put to bed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid failure in the spring. Even a single drop of water in the lines could cause the pipes to burst, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs when the snow and ice melt. It pays to work with landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island that have experience with winter landscape preparation for irrigation. You don’t want to start the new spring season off with no way to water your trees, lawn, and plants.

Landscape Construction Planning

The best time to start making plans for new construction is in the fall and winter when landscaping companies are not as busy as they are in the warmer months. Our team can work with you on landscape construction design to incorporate plants, hardscaping elements, and other features for your commercial property. Real estate professionals maintain that landscape construction and other professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can increase the value of your business or industrial property, allowing you to lease to tenants at a higher rate or get a bigger payout when you are ready to sell.

Winter Landscape Preparation

In addition to making sure that your lawn, trees, shrubs, and other plants are prepared and ready to grow when the weather turns nice in the spring, winter landscape preparation can help to protect your property from damage. Trees that have branches overhanging sidewalks, buildings, fences, walls, and other structures should be checked to make sure that they are strong enough to handle winter snow and ice. You don’t want a branch becoming a liability or possibly causing damage to your property because it was not properly cared for by professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island. Make sure to schedule an inspection of all trees and bushes before the first snow hits.

Snow Removal Services

Eastern Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company. We also offer Rhode Island snow removal services for our commercial and industrial clients. Our team is ready and able to take care of snow removal, keeping your parking lots, driveways, walkways, and other essential areas clear of snow and ice. We understand that your business depends on customers, vendors, employees, and clients being able to get to your property – even during snowy winter weather. Our team is ready to deploy whenever needed and can make sure that your property is safe and protected from potential liability caused by neglected snow and ice. Schedule an appointment with our team as soon as possible to discuss our Rhode Island snow removal services. If you wait until the first snow, all of the good companies will be booked up for the season.

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