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Seasonal Tips for Flower Bed Planting and Care in Providence

Summer Flower BedsCommercial and residential properties in the Greater Providence area that have flowers used in borders and showcase feature spots have maintenance that needs to be done year-round. In the summer there are specific types of flower bed planting and care that needs to be done. You can have it completed by your full service landscaping company as part of your regular services or as an extra landscaping planting in Rhode Island.

About the time that summer hits, other challenges can pop up with your landscaping that will require your attention. The best thing to do is to understand what those challenges are and meet them head on before they become big problems. Commercial and residential landscaping services can help you keep your property looking its very best. Having your full service landscaping company take care of these chores for you will prevent you from having to do it yourself or ask your staff to do it for you.

Summer Pest Control
One of the worst times of the year for roses is the summer. This is because there are a lot of pests that prefer the hot and dry temperatures. Spider mites, aphids and other bugs should be combated with a combination of chemicals that include a miticide, a fungicide and an insecticide. Make sure to apply these sprays in the early morning to avoid burning the leaves and flowers. It also gives time for the sprays to do their job before beneficial bugs, such as pollinating bees, become active and visit your roses. Other varieties of flowers may also require chemical treatment to keep them safe from damaging pests in the summer months.

Pruning Flowers
If you see flowers that are dead or flowers that need to be deadheaded, make sure to do it as soon as possible. Deadheading helps to fight diseases, as flowers that are decomposing will attract some really bad pests. Once you remove the dead flowers from your plants, they will be free to start blooming again throughout the summer. If they are allowed to “go to seed” when they drop their blooms, they will go dormant and you will be without the colorful flowers. Ask your residential landscaping services to take care of deadheading for you as they take care of your flower bed planting and care year-round.

Pruning Bushes & Trees
It is important to know that unless you have branches that are in the way or are at risk of falling and breaking off, you should save all of the pruning for bushes and trees for a cooler time of year. However, keep an eye on any shrubs or bushes that start growing fast during the summer and just nip off any shoots that are spreading out. This will help them to hold their beautiful shape during the summer without cutting off so much that you put the plant in danger.

Watch the Weather
One of the benefits to hiring a full service landscaping company to take care of all your landscaping and planting in Rhode Island is that they can take extra care of plants while homeowners are on vacation or while business owners are occupied with work. While the temperatures in the Providence area are not too extreme, there are sometimes heat waves that require a little extra attention. Some plants can suffer severe damage if they wilt too much before being watered, even hearty varieties. Watering should occur early in the morning or late in the evening so your plants can soak it in as much as possible.

Summertime Weeding
Another important aspect of flower bed planting and care in the summer is weeding. You can use a chemical spray as long as you are careful not to let it get onto your flowers or other plants. The safest way to remove weeds is by hand so you know you got all the way down to the roots. The best way is to prevent weeds from growing in the first place by making sure that your full service landscaping company in Providence keeps your soil healthy and adds a fresh layer of mulch before summer kicks off.

Fertilizing in the Summer
You will most often hear about fertilizing plants as part of flower bed planting and care by commercial and residential landscaping services in the spring and in the fall. However, some blooms will benefit from monthly fertilization, such as roses and other annual flowers. Once the fertilizer has been applied, it is important to water it in so it will get all the way down to the roots of the plant. Your professional team that handles landscaping and planting in Rhode Island can take care of this for you as part of their full service options.

Call Eastern Landscaping in Providence
If you are a property owner and are looking to hire a full service landscaping company in the Greater Providence area, look no further than Eastern Landscaping. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians have many years of experience working with commercial and residential landscaping services. Whether you require flower bed planting and care or need more comprehensive services for landscaping and planting in Rhode Island, we can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our technicians and schedule an appointment for a NO COST estimate.

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