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Seasonal Flower Bed Planting and Care in East Greenwich, RI

Seasonal Flower Bed Planting and CareOne of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home and have a beautiful front yard that you would be proud to claim, is to invest in flower bed planting and care. When you hire professional residential landscaping services to take care of your lawn and landscaping maintenance, it pays to discuss additional services, such as putting down quality Rhode Island sod and seed or adding color to empty flower beds. Eastern Landscaping Services in Northern Rhode Island can help your East Greenwich home to look its very best.

The Three-Season Flower Bed
Have you ever heard of such a thing? A flower bed that is planted with the idea of keeping it looking beautiful and colorful from spring all the way through fall is known as a three-season flower bed. Discuss your ideas with your lawn and landscaping maintenance technician and find out if this type of project would be right for your location. A lot of things contribute to the success of good flower bed planting and care, including the soil quality, amount of sunlight that the space receives, water and the time of year that you are wanting to plant.

The advantages of a three-season flower bed include:

  • low-maintenance that requires very little from residential landscaping services outside of feeding, fertilizing and minor weeding
  • ability to customize the size, shape and location of the flower bed with your landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, depending on your interests and what the property will support
  • colorful blooms and plants from spring all the way until the first freeze

Carefully Choosing the Plants
When it comes time to select the flowers that you will use for your flower bed planting and care, make sure to work directly with your crew that provides your Rhode Island sod and seed. It pays to work with a team that is experienced in the exact needs and nuances of northeastern lawn and landscaping maintenance. Someone with experience out west or in the south would not fully understand the weather patterns, conditions and needs of landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island. Choose a local team for all of your residential landscaping services needs.

Some of the best plants for the spring season in your flower bed include tulips, elderberry and dicentra; great choices for the summer season include delphinium, heliopsis and salvia; while choices for the autumn season include aster, boltonia (false aster), blue sage and the willow-leaved sunflower. For information on native plants that will thrive and do even better in the East Greenwich area, as well as in other regions throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, speak with your trusted residential landscaping services.

Basic Requirements for Flower Bed Planting & Care
If you want to have a successful flower bed, there is some basic criteria that you need to adhere to when choosing the spot for your residential landscaping services. Unlike the planting of Rhode Island sod and seed, which can accommodate both sunny and shady locations with different types of grass seed, flowers can be a bit more picky. Your flower bed area should get at least six hours of sunlight per day, which means it can’t be blocked off by your home or overshadowed by trees.

You also need to choose a range of annuals, perennials and bulbs to ensure that flowers and shrubbery will grow and bloom all year long. You want plants that won’t spread aggressively or compete with the other plants in your flower bed. Consult with experienced lawn and landscaping maintenance personnel to ensure that your choices are sensible. Get a good combination of colors, sizes and shapes to add texture and depth to your flower bed planting and care. When you work with licensed and knowledgeable landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, you have a better chance at success compared to doing it on your own.

Looking for Beautiful Flower Beds?
If you are interested in learning more about flower bed planting and care or if you would like to hire our residential landscaping services to provide you with beautiful flowers, shrubbery, trees and grass in the East Greenwich and surrounding area, contact Eastern Landscaping. Our team can help you design the best possible solution for your lawn and landscape maintenance needs. Whether you need weekly lawn maintenance or seasonal services, such as Rhode Island sod and seed, we can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 for a NO COST estimate or to learn more about our landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

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