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Seasonal Changes for Landscape Design & Care in Rhode Island

When you work with a team that provides full service landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, you expect that they will know what needs to be done throughout the year as the seasons change. The way that commercial businesses approach the changing seasons can vary, depending on the target demographic that they are trying to reach. If your goal is to attract customers to your business, then you will likely want to create dynamic aesthetic features for your landscape design and lawn care projects. If your goal is to stand out among other similar businesses in an industrial area, then you might want to enhance your signage through the use of landscape construction. Eastern Landscaping, Inc. will plant flowers and maintain other natural features to keep your commercial property looking its best throughout all of the changing seasons.

Highly Trained & Experienced
You wouldn’t trust your landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island to just any guy with a lawnmower and a truck, so it is important to verify the knowledge and experience of the service that you hire to provide year-round full service landscaping. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in landscape construction and maintenance, providing quality services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients throughout the Greater Providence area. We have earned a solid reputation within the region for providing top quality landscape design and lawn care, as well as hardscaping design, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

We start by coming out to your commercial property to provide you with a NO COST estimate for our services. This is important because no company can accurately provide you with a quote unless they have visited your site. Full servicing landscaping duties should be fully outlined and specified in the quote, including any lawn maintenance, seasonal seeding or overseeding, weeding, application of fertilizer, and planting of seasonal color into the planters, garden areas, and flower beds. A knowledge of native plants and requirements for non-native species is essential to the appearance of your property.

Common Landscape Services for Commercial Clients
The services that are available in full service landscaping for commercial clients will vary slightly from the services that are typically included in residential landscaping services. It is important to know what to expect from your professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, so you will know what is being maintained and what you need to hire someone else to maintain or include in your next contract. Eastern Landscaping, Inc. will work with you to install seasonal plants, flowering annuals, and other important elements that you desire to help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property.

Some of the other services that may be available for commercial clients include:

  • design and installation of flower beds and garden areas
  • ongoing year-round flower bed maintenance
  • removal and replacement of seasonal flowers and plants
  • lawn and property maintenance and care
  • fertilization, seeding, overseeding, and planting
  • weed control for pre- and post-emergent seasonal weeds
  • irrigation repair and ongoing maintenance

Late Summer & Early Fall Commercial Landscaping
The best time of year to start aerating the soil for commercial properties is late summer or early fall. Taking care of these tasks now will help to loosen up any soil that has become compacted due to foot traffic, golf cart routes or other common issues. If this doesn’t get done before the ground freezes and the snow falls, the problem will be worse by the time everything thaws in the spring, making it difficult to begin seasonal lawn care for that time of year. Other lawn-related tasks, including the planting of cooler temperature ground cover, the application of herbicides, and any over-seeding or pest prevention services can also be done this time of year.

Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. in Northern Rhode Island
If you are interested in hiring on full service landscaping for your commercial property, look no further than Eastern Landscaping, Inc. Our team specializes in landscaping design and lawn care, as well as hardscaping design and ongoing maintenance, in the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts region. Whether you need landscape construction or require maintenance for your existing lawn and flower beds, our team can help you achieve your goals. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to get a free NO COST estimate for your commercial property or landscaping project.

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