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Rhode Island Spring Cleaning in the Fall: Preparation & Care

Get Rid of Summertime WeedsAfter a disappointing spring and summer with a lawn that wasn’t quite as nice and green as you might have liked, the best thing that you can do is to perform some landscape spring preparation now in the fall so you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful lawn next spring. Working with local landscape design and lawn care services, such as the reputable team at Eastern Landscaping, can help you to achieve your goals. Landscaping and planting in Rhode Island is different from what is required in other areas of the country. Here the best time to take care of your Rhode Island spring cleaning and preparation is in the late summer to early fall.

Renovating Your Lawn
The best way to make a positive change in your lawn for the next growing season is to do what is known in the landscaping industry as a renovation. The term is used to describe work that is done to overcome issues such as excessive thatching, disease, insect infestation, damage due to improper mowing and care, or soil and grasses that are simply out of balance with weeds and nature in general. This can happen due to neglect, over-use or poor weather conditions, but the important thing is to get on top of it as soon as you can with proper landscape design and lawn care.

Work with a qualified, experienced and licensed landscaping service for best results. You could do it yourself, but it’s really a lot of work. The renovation process allows for all of the factors that led up to the damage and destruction of the lawn to be removed completely. What happens next is a soil test, repair to the quality of the soil, and then reseeding to start all over again brand new. Work with your landscape spring preparation specialist to choose the best grass seed and methods based upon your lawn’s unique needs. The best time period is between August 15 – September 15 for this region, however depending on the temperature and weather for that particular year, that time may be extended a little further into the fall.

Why Fall Preparation for Spring is Best
Many landscaping experts claim that fall is the best time to get your lawn in shape for the spring for a number of reasons. First, the cooler temperatures allow the grass to grow without the threat of burning out in the sun. Second, there is more natural rainfall this time of year, which helps to provide seedlings with the continued moisture that they need to thrive. Third, there is less weed competition in the fall than in the summer months, when weeds are growing rapidly. All in all, fall is the best for landscaping planting in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

You can choose to renovate the entire lawn or just a portion if only some of your yard has been affected by the damage. Just make sure that you correct all of the factors that contributed to the deterioration of your lawn or this will all be for nothing. Work with your landscape design and lawn care experts at Eastern Landscaping to devise a Rhode Island spring cleaning preparation and prevention program that is best for your lawn. Even though the weeds are less of a problem this time of year, your landscaping company will likely recommend an application of a broad leaf weed killer about a week to two weeks before seeding to ensure that everything is properly prepared and taken care of at that time.

Why the Soil Matters
A lot of homeowners overlook the value in having the soil checked to ensure that it has all of the nutrients and pH balance required to properly grow the grass seed or support sod when it is planted. Fertilizer and lime can sometimes be necessary to successfully germinate the seed, such as “starter” type fertilizers that have all the ingredients necessary to help new grass come along. Speak with your services for landscaping and planting in Rhode Island to find out about getting the soil tested. There are kits you can buy and send off for results, but for the quickest response so you can get moving on your renovation, have your landscaping technician take care of this for you.

Contact Eastern Landscaping to help you with your landscape design and lawn care in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our team of highly trained and experienced specialists can help you with all of your landscape spring preparation and seasonal care. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to get a NO COST ESTIMATE for your Rhode Island spring cleaning this fall or to schedule your seasonal landscaping and planting.

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