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Rhode Island Landscaping Company: Business Landscaping Services

Rhode Island landscapingMaking changes to the outside of your business building is one of the best ways to get people to notice it. A Rhode Island landscaping company that does full-service landscaping, regular yard care, and seasonal accents can really make a difference. You can count on Eastern Landscaping to help you reach your goals in Rhode Island, whether you need weekly services or fertilization once a year.

Not only do we do business landscaping, but we also plan landscaping and hardscaping for people in Southeastern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island. Adding a few extra features can really make a difference that your customers, clients, workers, and guests will love. Our professional services are useful for medical offices, business office centers, shopping malls, school grounds, and other kinds of commercial buildings.

Landscaping and Hardscaping Services

You can make your business landscaping better by adding useful features like patio sets or furniture that is built into the ground. This gives people who come to your property a place to sit outside and relax for a while, make a private call, or wait for a meeting. Outdoor furniture can be used by workers for breaks, renters to make their homes look better, customers, clients, and other guests. Just think of all the ways you could use it to improve your business landscaping services: BBQ areas, camping areas, and places to eat, places to relax or lounge spots for seeing sights or getting a good view, as wel as places for the public.

Get more people to come to your property at night and show off your beautiful full-service landscaping by adding lawn lights. Landscaping companies in Rhode Island can help you find lighting options that are good for the environment and won’t cost a lot to run. These lights will also make a big difference in the look of your landscaping. Adding lights to a path can make even a simple garden plan look better. You can use spotlighting to draw attention to hardscaping areas or important features on your property. A bright light can help your business stand out from other well-lit places in the area and bring in new customers.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Don’t just put up a big, imposing fence around your property to keep people out of areas that are only for employees or for security. Take a chance and make your property more interesting by adding color, texture, and beauty with good retaining walls and fences. Fencing makes any property look better and gives businesses more protection and control over who can get in and out. You could build a beautiful stone wall around that trash can to hide it, or you could strategically place fences to keep customers out of staff areas. A lot of the time, businesses in Rhode Island use wood, metal, stone, and brick for their fences and retaining walls.

Don’t forget how valuable a beautiful water feature can be in making the rest of your home stand out. If no one ever comes to your Rhode Island home to see all of your hard work, why spend money on yard fertilization? Ponds, waterfalls, and other well-planned water features can make fields look even better. People often meet around water features, so that’s a great spot for outdoor furniture and different seating areas to get the most out of the effect. Talk to Eastern Landscaping about adding a water feature that our business landscaping services can take care of. This will make your landscaping experience truly stress-free. Do not forget to ask about our water feature hardscaping designs for river beds, ponds, lakes, and waterfalls.

Business Landscaping Services

Our Rhode Island landscaping companies can help you reach your goals, whether they are to keep your flower beds and gardens looking nice or to make your present business landscaping look even better. People in Northern Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts can hire us for a wide range of skilled maintenance, design, building, and installation tasks.

We can give you the results you want because we have a team of highly trained landscaping and hardscaping professionals and all the tools we need. From our master planning and design team to our project managers and construction experts, everyone at our company is dedicated to giving every client the best in creativity, innovation, and service. Call us at 401-766-9035 to get a FREE ESTIMATE or to talk to one of our planners about full-service landscaping and plans.

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