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Rhode Island Hardscaping Projects for Commercial Businesses

Hardscaping Commercial BusinessWhile a lot of attention is given to residential hardscaping construction, there is a big difference in the type of projects done for commercial clients than for the typical homeowner. It is important to find a contractor for professional hardscaping design in Rhode Island who has experience working with commercial properties. Mega malls, mini-malls, strip malls, shopping centers, apartment complexes, country clubs, office buildings, and other types of properties, all rely on creative Rhode Island hardscape construction.

The biggest misconception about residential and commercial hardscaping design is that commercial work is the same as residential, just on a much bigger scale. While there are things that seem similar, such as retaining walls and patio areas, there is much more to commercial hardscaping construction than residential projects. Commercial projects take much more time from the design phase all the way through to completion than residential projects and provide the designer with more opportunities to showcase their abilities. As a result, the companies that specialize in commercial hardscaping design often have more skills and experience working with a wider variety of techniques.

Bigger Equipment & More Team Members

One of the most significant differences you will see between a commercial and residential hardscaping construction project is the size of the equipment and the number of team members on-site for the job. Commercial hardscaping design in Rhode Island typically requires different equipment than what would be used for a home improvement project. It is also essential to have the right team of experienced designers and technicians together for commercial work. Training, on-the-job experience, and research for new and exciting projects that challenge the designer are important elements for any successful commercial Rhode Island hardscaping installation.

While it can take longer to install a large commercial design, it is also important to keep a strict timeline. Property owners want to know exactly how long it will take to have something built so they can continue to make other improvement plans. Hardscaping projects can also include sidewalks, walkways, pathways, parking areas, and installations that are near streets and driveways. As a result, many property owners will want those jobs completed as quickly as possible to reduce any delays in access to customers. A brand new retaining wall and sign install for a retail shopping center can make a very positive impact on the overall business at the job site. However, if it takes too long to get installed, it could even cause the business to lose customers due to the inconvenience.

Specialty Services & Construction

Another essential quality that commercial property owners should insist on when hiring a team to do hardscaping design in Rhode Island is knowledge of specialty services. For example, if you want a specific technique or material used, it pays to hire a hardscaping construction team who has done this type of work for another client. Not only will you be able to see portfolio pictures of the completed project, but you can rest easy knowing that you are not the “Guinea pig” and that your property is not the first to receive this type of work. However, when it comes to innovative design ideas for Rhode Island hardscape construction, being the first might also be a significant benefit.

A good Rhode Island hardscaping company should understand:

  • your needs, goals, and timeline for the project
  • how to effectively use the products and materials that you desire
  • what the application of these materials will do to the surrounding ecosystem
  • the types of materials best suited for use in Northern Rhode Island and Massachusetts commercial hardscaping construction

What Do You Want to Build?

How would you like to accentuate your commercial property with Northern Rhode Island hardscaping? We suggest that you meet with our team to discuss your ideas for professional hardscaping design in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. We will come out to your property and do a complete walk-through so we can take measurements, learn more about your goals, and find solutions designed to meet your needs and your budget. Water features, focal points, signage areas, patios, walkways, and large rock retaining walls; we can provide you with top quality Rhode Island hardscaping that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our designers or technicians. We can answer any questions that you might have about our Northern Rhode Island hardscape construction or schedule an appointment for a NO COST estimate. Take a look at our online portfolio for examples of our work. We specialize in both commercial and residential hardscaping construction.

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