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Rhode Island Hardscape Construction: More Than Rock and Stone

rhode island hardscape designWhen most people think about hardscaping design in Rhode Island, they picture beautiful stone paver walkways and patios, elegant retaining walls, and other structures made from rock and stone. The truth is that there is much more to hardscaping construction services than rock, stone, paver, and brick materials. Outdoor living space design has grown in popularity throughout New England and across the nation, providing new ideas for property owners to increase value and expand their usable space for customers, visitors, employees, and tenants. In addition to the examples provided above, which are used frequently in commercial and residential property design, other materials and structures are also frequently requested to enhance aesthetics, function, and value. Wood decking, fencing, borders, arbors, pergolas, gazebos, planters, and built-in seating and tables are used by a variety of commercial clients for many different reasons, providing a very natural look and feel designed to compliment many types of architectural styles.

The Base: Wood Decking, Pathways, and More

While some designs might include a combination of rock, stone, and wood for balance, others might prefer to go “all in” with wood decking to coordinate with other wood elements for outdoor living space design. At Eastern Landscaping, our team of experienced Rhode Island hardscape construction and design technicians works with each client to determine their unique needs and specifications to ensure that the new space blends well with existing landscaping. Whether you want to create an outdoor picnic area for employee lunch breaks and customer relaxation, or if you prefer to establish recreational areas at a commercial residential property, our team can help you to achieve your goals. A combination of wood decking in your choice of style and hue can be selected to enhance the other elements that you want to include for hardscaping design in Rhode Island.

Instead of pavers, brick, or stone, the base of your outdoor area would be made from wooden deck materials or a composite wood product of your choice. Natural wood can be treated, sealed, and maintained to ensure a long life, while manufactured products can be installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications to maximize the return on investment. Wooden elements can also be used to create pathways, patio areas, raised decks, flooring to surround a pool or spa area, and can include other built-in elements designed to enhance function. Built-in chairs, tables, planters, water features, barbecues, and other outdoor living space design options will all work beautifully with your brand new wooden base for hardscaping design in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. No longer just for residential backyards, we are installing wood elements at commercial offices, retail shopping malls, restaurants, and multi-family complexes on a regular basis.

Functional Beauty: Fencing, Pergolas, and More

Some types of hardscaping construction services focus more on the function than the flair. However, when it comes to wooden materials used in Rhode Island hardscape construction, it will likely be both. Wooden fencing can help to set the backdrop for landscaping elements, creating an outdoor scene that visitors will appreciate and enjoy. The fencing, of course, offers a dual purpose, creating safety and security for areas where you don’t want foot traffic while establishing a polished and professional appearance. Quality materials, proper treatment, and sealing, along with ongoing maintenance and care, can help your wooden fencing and other wood elements to keep looking great for many years to come. Decorative elements, such as latticework and carved pieces, can add a touch of elegance and whimsy to any garden or pathway space.

Pergolas and other similar structures don’t just look great; they offer shade and protection from the elements. A well-placed pergola can increase the length of time throughout the year that your outdoor living space design can be used. Shielding employees and visitors from rain, wind, direct sunlight, and other conditions will make the space more useful and appreciated. Pergolas can be used in areas such as outdoor living areas, dining areas, lounges, eating spaces, cooking areas, and recreational spots. They can include decorative elements, such as awnings, draperies, and other coverings to provide more protection from the sun and weather conditions. Great for gardens, common areas, walkways, picnic spaces, and other functional places on your commercial or multi-family property, pergolas are often a popular choice of property owners for hardscaping design in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Rhode Island Hardscape Construction

Other elements can be added to enhance your new outdoor living space design, including stone walkways, gravel paths, arbors, gazebos, sidewalks and pavers, water features, tiled patios, stone retaining walls, and outdoor fireplaces or fire pits. If you are interested in learning more about our hardscape construction services and design team at Eastern Landscaping, give us a call at 401-766-9035 to schedule a consultation with one of our hardscaping experts.

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