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Rhode Island Commercial Landscaping: When to Winterize a Lawn

fall landscaping in northern rhode islandWhile most people think that the busiest time of year for landscaping companies in Rhode Island in the spring and summer, the truth is that a lot of the work must be completed in the fall. Autumn landscape maintenance services are essential to ensure a lush and green lawn in the spring, free from weeds, winter damage, and bare spots. Before you settle in for the season in front of a warm fire, take time to work with your commercial landscaping services to create a plan of action for winterizing your lawn. The work that needs to be done for winterizing is just as essential as securing a snow and ice removal contract before the first snowfall. Wait too long, and you won’t be able to do anything but sit back and wait to see all the damage in the spring. Full service landscaping companies like Eastern Landscaping, Inc. can provide a wide range of services designed to help you ensure that your lawn is properly cared for before the first snowflake hits New England.

How and When to Prepare the Lawn

Reputable commercial landscaping services will be able to tell you the best time to begin your fall services for winterizing a lawn, preparing trees, and turning over a flower bed for the season. Traditionally, any lawn work should be completed before the first freeze. In Northern Rhode Island, that can vary from year to year. Your landscape maintenance services company should stay on top of local weather trends to ensure that their commercial customers are well-prepared in advance. Because a lot of work must be done, such as aerating the lawn, clearing the fallen leaves, watering the soil deeply, and then spreading any new seed, a schedule should be created for the best results.

Discuss your needs for fertilizer, pest control prevention, and other treatments that can help your commercial lawn to come back thick, lush, and green in the spring. In addition to grasses, shrubs, bushes, trees, and other plants may require special care as well to protect them from ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. However, just because you have provided preventive measures in the fall does not mean that you shouldn’t be checking on your outdoor spaces in the winter. Full service landscaping should include additional check-ups, services, and debris clearing again in the spring when the temperature begins to rise. Depending on the size of your lawn and garden areas, it may require several visits from commercial landscaping services to tackle it all effectively.

What About Fertilizer?

If you are only going to fertilize your lawn once each year, it should definitely be in the fall months. Some experts swear by a double-dose, with a light fertilizer in the early weeks of fall and a heavier dose again in the late fall right before the snow arrives. Every property, type of grass, and service provider is different, so make sure to discuss your ideas, needs, and concerns with your full service landscaping company as soon as possible to ensure that you are on the same page. There are many different schools of thought with regard to fertilizer and commercial landscaping services. While most agree that fallen leaves should be cleaned up as soon as possible, others swear by mowing down leaves and allowing them to mulch in with the lawn. Speak with your landscaping companies in Rhode Island, so you will know what to expect when the time comes.

Similar to fertilizer, there are other landscape maintenance services that may be beneficial to your commercial property. Overseeding can be done to allow a new lawn to become established before the first frost, approximately 30-days or more before the expected freeze. Aerating is also essential to allow grasses to grow more effectively. Loosening up compacted soil, which can be caused by increased summer watering and foot traffic by people and pets, is a must. Keeping up with seasonal lawn care can help to reduce the costs for maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden area on your commercial property and will even increase the real estate value significantly. Choose to work with landscaping companies in Rhode Island that are experienced in commercial landscaping services and the type of work that you need to have completed. You wouldn’t hire a residential-only landscaper to do a large commercial property or bring in a service that only mows and edges to take care of winterizing services and other seasonal prep work.

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