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Providence Full Service Landscaping for Commercial Properties

While you might not be thinking about landscape design and lawn care in the middle of winter – we are! We offer year-round landscape maintenance services for commercial clients throughout Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts to help keep properties looking their best in every season. Our team might not be mowing lawns and planting flowers this time of year, but we offer a lot of other property management services designed to maintain commercial properties and prepare them for spring. Our Providence full service landscaping offerings are part of a comprehensive maintenance plan designed to tackle anything Mother Nature throws your way.

Springtime Services

Once the snow melts and the ground begins to thaw, our Northern Rhode Island commercial landscaping company can help you get your lawn ready to be lush and green throughout the spring and summer seasons. During this time, we often find hardscaping items that are in need of cleaning or repair and, depending on the snowfall; many plants may require assistance. Squished and damaged shrubs, trees, plants, and grasses need professional care and attention from our landscape maintenance services. We can provide tree and shrub installation, flower bed care, and offer sod and seed installation services, as needed.

Summertime Services

Ongoing care for your commercial property is available through our Providence full service landscaping at Eastern Landscaping, Inc. Keeping grasses trimmed and weeds under control, our team can help your property to look professional and make an excellent first impression on customers, employees, and other visitors. If you need new trees, bushes, plants, color spots, and grasses added, we can help you there too, refreshing the look and feel throughout the summer season. Our many years of experience working in the New England area helps us to ensure that the timing of the services we provide is perfect for best results. Ornamental flower pruning, flower bed care, and weeding, trimming, and just about anything that you need can be accomplished by our team.

Autumn Services

Making sure that your lawn and flower bed areas are properly cared for after the growing season of summer is essential to assure proper growth again next spring. Most of the groundwork for spring is completed in the fall. Tree trimming and pruning should occur in the later weeks of autumn when the trees go dormant for best results. However, lawn clean-up services for leaves and aeration of the soil, as well as preventive measures for pests and weeds, can be completed during any of the fall months. Professional landscape design and lawn care services are designed to help you prepare for the coming seasons, reducing the amount of work required to get your commercial property back on track after the snow and ice of winter.

Wintertime Services

In addition to snow and ice management services provided by our team, including valuable snow removal services to keep your property free and clear of snow, we offer other services during the winter months. Tree limbs and entire trees that become damaged in the snow and ice can be trimmed or removed to protect your property and ensure the safety of everyone on-site. Additional winter pruning can be performed at this time to prepare trees for springtime growth. Winter pruning prevents common issues associated with pruning, reducing the potential for insect infestations and disease that can come from warmer season service. We can also help with landscape and hardscape design to make strategic plans now for projects that you want to be completed as soon as the snow melts.

Timing is Everything

You might not think that Northern Rhode Island commercial landscape is needed year-round to keep your commercial property looking clean and professional. You might think that your in-house maintenance staff can take care of things that happen during the fall and winter, such as leaf control or snow shoveling. However, depending on the size of your property and the type of business that you do, professional services may be required. Contact our team to get a FREE no-cost estimate for any of the services we provide. Professional landscaping and property maintenance, landscape design, new plantings, tree trimming and removal, hardscape design and construction, or seasonal snow and ice removal. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to discuss your needs or request an estimate for services.

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