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Property Management: Commercial Landscaping in Rhode Island

rhode island landscape maintenanceCommercial properties in New England have many year-round responsibilities that must be taken care of to maintain professional curb appeal throughout the seasons. Fall landscaping cleanup services are vital to commercial landscaping in Rhode Island, making sure that fallen leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris won’t cause damage to lawns, flower beds, and other plants during the winter. Landscaping companies in Northern Rhode Island can offer a wide range of seasonal services to help their clients keep their properties looking polished, neat, and well cared for to ensure proper growth again in the spring. In addition to mowing, edging, cleanup, and mulching flower beds, Rhode Island sod and seed services can help lay a quality foundation and prepare your property before the first snow.

Fall Landscaping Cleanup Services

There are many reasons why seasonal cleanup services are essential in New England. Fallen leaves and weeds can become the perfect place for pests to hide and settle in for the winter. If they are able to go dormant and return quickly in the spring, it will be even harder to stay on top of control efforts when the weather warms up in the summer. It is essential for commercial landscaping in Rhode Island to pay special attention to flower beds and other well-fertilized growing areas, as the foliage can become diseased over the winter if not properly cared for by the team. Not only could you risk the plants freezing and not coming back correctly in the spring, but it could also spread disease and rot to other plants on your property.

Branch and Tree Control Services

Trimming, pruning, and removing branches, limbs, and trees throughout your property should be done before the fall and winter storms arrive in the region. Any branches that appear sick, dead, or dying must receive attention, particularly if they hang over sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, structures, fencing, or everyday use areas where they could cause injury or significant damage. Pruning trees, bushes, and shrubs at the right time will help to foster healthy growth again in the spring and prevent common issues that can happen to landscape elements that don’t receive this care before the winter. Branches that are weak or damaged in any way will break off and fall when they become heavy with snow and ice.

Gutters, Drainage, and Irrigation

Another area of particular concern for commercial landscaping in Rhode Island should be making sure that all gutters, drainage, and irrigation are effectively cleaned, maintained, and winterized before the first freeze. Clearing out leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other debris from gutters is vital to your roofing system and to ensure that water is effectively moved away from the foundation of your structures. Other drainage areas, including sewage and drain-offs from parking lots, walkways, and other places where employees, visitors, and vendors might go, should also be a top priority. Winterizing your property’s irrigation system by shutting off the water, blowing out the pipes, hoses, and fountains, while insulating any utility access points from the outside, can prevent severe damage to the entire system.

Soil Preparation Services

In addition to taking care of fertilizing, weed control, and other tasks related to Rhode Island sod and seed, it is essential to prepare the soil for the winter season. Aeration can be used to break up soil that may have become compacted during the rainy season or by heavy foot traffic during the summer. This is used for lawns, gardens, flower beds, and other areas where planting occurs. Landscaping companies in Northern Rhode Island should provide aeration services for customers to keep plants healthy during the fall and winter while preparing them for new growth again in the spring. Soil tests are also useful to assist landscaping professionals in effectively maintaining your property.

Plant Protection and Prevention

Part of fall landscaping cleanup services and commercial landscaping in Rhode Island should include services for the protection of plants and prevention of common issues that occur during the fall and winter months. Mulching is a great way to care for young trees, shrubs, and flower beds during the winter, using organic materials to prevent severe damage during even the most freezing winter storms. Protection for plants sensitive to low temperatures, including perennials, shrubs, and rose bushes, should also be applied for best results. Cloth barrier wraps, extra mulching, and other products can be used to add an extra layer of protection when needed.

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