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Low Maintenance Solutions for Woonsocket Outdoor Living Space

woonsocket-residence-009One of the biggest trends in landscape design and lawn care is to create unique outdoor living space ideas that can be used for entertaining, relaxing, cooking, dining or recreation. Choosing the right type of project for your home, based on your needs, interests and budget, can be challenging. A deciding factor for many who seek Rhode Island hardscape construction services, is to choose projects based on the low maintenance solutions that they offer to help keep your property looking its very best without a lot of work. Eastern Landscaping in Woonsocket, RI can help you to find the outdoor living project that will enhance the look and function of your home without adding a lot of maintenance to your chore list.

10 Simple Ways to Improve an Outdoor Space
When looking for projects that include low maintenance solutions, one way to approach it is to look at what you already have. A plain looking concrete patio, some basic wooden stairs or a small cooking space can be expanded with efficiency and home improvement in mind. Here is a list of ten simple projects that can help to improve your landscape design and lawn care regimen, while adding function and flair to your property.

Project #1 – Resurface
A tired old patio can be instantly improved through the use of brick or natural stone pavers. Your local Rhode Island hardscape construction company can come out, take a look at your existing patio and provide you with low maintenance solutions that will look and perform better than ever before. Concrete can become dull and crack over time. Removing the original concrete or even placing pavers right over it if it is still level and in decent condition can help to protect the foundation and provide you with years of good use. Resurfacing pathways and walkways by replacing old, worn out brick, rock or other substrate with fresh, new materials is also a great way to change the appearance and performance of your property.

Project #2 – Reinforce
Sometimes landscape design and lawn care can be more about protecting your investment than just making it look good. Reinforcing stairs, steps, patios and decks through repair, replacement or upgrades can help to protect your home from damage during inclement weather. Hiring a reputable company, such as Eastern Landscaping in Woonsocket, to take care of this type of work for you is worth the associated cost rather than trying to do it yourself.

Project #3 – Light
One way to make your outdoor living space more inviting is to add lighting. Many homeowners choose to simply add string lights to create mood lighting for parties, late night barbecues and entertaining, but you can also add permanent light fixtures as part of your low maintenance solutions to provide more safety and security as well. Motion detected lighting, overhead lighting in a dining area, extra lighting in an outdoor kitchen – these are all great additions to just about any type of Rhode Island hardscape construction project.

Project #4 – Comfort
Include furniture, decorative items and other elements to help make your outdoor living space more comfortable and inviting. Area rugs, candles, comfortable chairs, lounges, side tables for drinks, pillows, throw blankets and other living space elements can make all the difference. Invest in outdoor storage bins that double as bench seating to keep pillows and blankets pest-free while you store them in the off-season or when not in-use.

Project #5 – Privacy
Sometimes you feel a little “out on display” even in your own backyard. With neighbors being so close, sometimes the best type of low maintenance solutions involve projects that provide privacy from prying eyes. Well placed shrubbery, bushes, lattice, bamboo reeds and even prefabricated screens can be used to provide a bit of a shield without requiring a lot of cleaning, trimming and other types of maintenance in your landscape design and lawn care.

Project #6 – Connectivity
Another project that is growing in popularity is to ensure that wireless connections reach all the way out to the furthest point of outdoor living spaces. Use of expansion gear, wider range equipment and other methods can help you to watch movies, listen to music, read web-based books, play games and check email, all from the comfort of your outdoor living space.

Project #7 – Accessibility
What’s the point of having a beautiful outdoor patio space if you don’t have easy access to it any time you want? Consider adding a new door from your home to your outdoor space or replace cumbersome sliding doors with easy-open French style doors to bring the inside out and the outside in. Also consider creating a smooth, easy flow from indoors to out by using rugs, matching tile flooring and other decorative, yet functional, pieces in the area between the two space.

Project #8 – Improve
Upgrading the materials used to create your patios, dining areas and outdoor kitchens is another way to make improvements that count. Adding drainage to a patio that routinely floods, adding slip-guard features to steps that get slick in the rain, having Rhode Island hardscape construction services add retaining walls and other elements to prevent snow, ice and water from getting into your home – these are just some of the ways that you can make improvements and low maintenance solutions that add value.

Project #9 – Recreation
What are your goals for the space that you are creating with landscape design and lawn care services? Do you want to cook, eat, lounge, entertain or play? Create space for recreation, such as play areas for kids and grown-ups alike, including a fire pit, patio seating area, spot with a view of natural landscape and much more. Places for pets, kids and guests to enjoy can all be added with a bit of creativity by Eastern Landscaping in Woonsocket.

Project #10 – Protect
Creating a way to shield you, you family and guests from the elements is always a great type of project for your Rhode Island hardscape construction team. Pergolas can be used to add shade, keep rain off of furniture, prevent wind from ruining your day and even keep bugs at bay. Awnings, canopies, gazebos, windscreens, deck screening and more are all low maintenance solutions that can help you to extend the usefulness of your outdoor living space.

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If you would like to find new ways to improve your outdoor living space in Northern Rhode Island or Southern Massachusetts, look no further than Eastern Landscaping in Woonsocket. From landscape design and lawn care to low maintenance solutions for outdoor living space, Eastern Landscaping can help. Give us a call for a FREE consultation on your next project at (401) 766-9035.

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