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Hire a Pro to Create Outdoor Living Space in Smithfield, RI

smithfield-residence-009It seems like everywhere you turn these days, there’s some television program, magazine or bragging co-worker talking about the awesome landscape construction project that they just finished doing. There are millions of online videos dedicated to showing people how to build outdoor living spaces, such as fire pits, patios, fireplaces, fountains and just about anything else you could imagine. While these experts make it look easy and can make you think that just about anyone could figure out how to pull off these projects in a weekend, the truth is that there’s much more to residential landscaping services and hardscaping design than it seems.

When it comes time to create your own outdoor living space in Smithfield, Rhode Island or the surrounding area, it pays to hire a professional to help you with the design and construction. Outdoor living projects can range from basic landscape construction to working with lighting or installing a gas fireplace, so it pays to hire a pro to get the job done right. While there are some projects that can be done DIY, pretty much anything that involves the installation of residential Rhode Island hardscaping should be done by someone who is trained, experienced, licensed and insured to do the work.

Why You Need a Pro
When you are considering whether or not a project will require the assistance of a landscape construction professional, it pays to think about everything that will need to go into the design and build of the feature. Will you need specialized tools? Will you need to get a building permit to add the feature? Will you require the assistance of residential landscaping services to excavate the land or do any special plantings? Will you need any special skills, such as plumbing or electrical work? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, chances are your outdoor living space project would benefit from a FREE consultation with one of the experts at Eastern Landscaping.

It is possible to split up the work, taking on the easier parts of the project after hiring a professional to take care of the “heavy lifting” portion of the work. Sometimes there are ways to save money on a Rhode Island hardscaping installation, but it is always best to consult with a professional before you just jump in and start doing anything you aren’t familiar with through past experience. Seeing something done on TV or in an online video is not the same as actually being there, doing the work yourself or watching a professional do it. Protect your investment – and your property – by hiring someone who is qualified and experienced in the type of landscape construction work you desire.

Top Reasons to Hire a Pro
In addition to common sense, there are other reasons to hire a professional to help you build your brand new outdoor living space in Smithfield or the surrounding Southern New England area. While knowledge of and experience with specific tools and methods is a must for many types of hardscaping design and construction, there are other factors to consider as well.

Some of the best reasons to hire a professional include:

  • projects that include electrical work – lighting, outdoor kitchens, powered water features, creating electrical outlets, hanging dining area chandeliers, etc.
  • projects that include irrigation – landscape construction of planters, garden areas, trees, shrubbery and water features
  • projects that include installation of hardscaping – includes patios, retaining walls, walkways, pathways, fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, outdoor cooking areas or anything else that requires the use of brick, natural stone, cement or wood
  • projects that require a permit or insurance to do legally, as work that is not done up to code could negatively impact the value of your home rather than improve it
  • anything that you are not comfortable doing, have no experience with or that requires expensive tools and equipment that you do not own or know how to use

Installing a Fire Pit
One of the most popular projects in Rhode Island hardscaping is to install a backyard fire pit. Whether you want to use your new outdoor living space in Smithfield or the surrounding Southern New England area for entertaining, relaxation or just a place to hang out with the family, a fire pit is always a great addition. Use it to toast marshmallows, cook a dinner over an open flame, warm up while curling up to enjoy a cool spring or fall night, sit around and share stories under the stars – there are a million fun things to do around a camp fire and, thanks to the popularity of fire pits in landscape construction, you don’t have to go camping to enjoy one in your own backyard.

Consult with a professional of residential landscaping services to determine whether you have enough space to add a fire pit, whether you need a permit to build one and what type of equipment would be required to build one. Professional landscape construction experts can help you choose the best type of stone to use for building your new fire pit, and whether you would benefit from a propane gas flame or wood burning feature. A true professional will also help you work within your budget to maximize the return on your investment without “going cheap” on something that needs to be of a higher quality.

If you are thinking about adding a fire pit to your outdoor living space in Smithfield, Rhode Island or anywhere in Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, call Eastern Landscaping for a FREE consultation on your project. Our team has many years of experience working with local landscape construction and can help you with your next Massachusetts or Rhode Island hardscaping ideas to expand your outdoor living space. Call today at (401) 766-9035 and speak with one of our designers or residential landscaping services technicians.

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