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Hardscaping Design in Rhode Island That Adds Value to a Home

glocester-residence-006One of the best ways for homeowners to increase the value of their property is to invest in outdoor living spaces. It is important to avoid all of the DIY (do-it-yourself) projects that flood the internet and home television networks if your primary goal is to boost property values. Hiring professional Glocester landscape contractors to come out and provide you with top quality hardscaping design in Rhode Island is the best way to ensure that the project increases the actual value of your home, whether your house is currently on the market or if you are just making plans for the future. While there are a lot of different hardscaping construction projects to choose from, it is important to make smart choices in order to get the biggest return on your investment.

What Are Your Goals?
The first thing to determine when you begin making plans to add an outdoor living space is your personal goals for the space. Many outdoor improvements are designed to maximize space for entertaining, cooking, dining and spending time with family and friends. Studies show that next to making improvements that will improve energy efficiency in your home, adding a quality outdoor living space that will appeal to prospective buyers is the best thing you can do to help sell your home and increase its value. Consult with a full service landscape company like Eastern Landscaping to help make all of our outdoor living dreams come true!

According to real estate website Realtor.com, over half of the prospective buyers using their program stated that a home that featured a beautiful outdoor living space was even more attractive to them than other popular trends, such as open floor plans or even enhanced curb appeal. In addition, over half the homeowners who were thinking about selling their homes or currently had their homes on the market also stated that they were considering making hardscaping construction improvements to their homes as well.

There are many different types of outdoor living spaces that can be created by experienced Glocester landscape contractors, including full service outdoor kitchens, entertaining spaces for parties, garden and relaxation areas, outdoor dining areas and living room spaces with unique and specialized features. Growing in popularity, designing and building outdoor living spaces through professional hardscaping design in Rhode Island, is now even more popular than traditional gardening and landscaping.

Popular Project Ideas
Some of the top hardscaping construction projects that really pay off in increased values for homeowners just might surprise you. While some might think that only extravagant or expensive projects can increase home values, the truth is that some of the more common and basic improvements are what is most in demand by prospective home buyers. From adding drought-tolerant plants and local, native New England species to enhance your existing hardscape elements, such as pathways, walkways and patios, to adding a simple fire pit to a dining area, it is possible to make big improvements even with a simple project.

Some of the more popular projects chosen by homeowners today include:

  • COVERED AREAS – Outdoor dining and entertaining is very popular nationwide, but in some areas it pays to create a covered eating space to extend the usefulness of the area throughout the year. Adding a pergola to cover a patio or dining area has several benefits, allowing the creation of shade when needed or to allow sunlight to shine through to warm a cooler space when the weather calls for it. Pergolas can be covered in canvas or draped with breezy curtains to create a desired effect. An excellent platform for lighting and protection against insects, there are many ways to use pergolas to your advantage.
  • PATIO SPACE – The great thing about including patio space in your hardscaping design in Rhode Island is that you can create a brand new space or you can add on and enhance an existing space. Hiring Glocester landscape contractors to take care of your hardscaping construction will ensure that your space is built properly and that you will be able to get the most value out of the project. Resurfacing or building on top of a cement patio or adding beautiful stone pavers – these are just some of the ways that New England homeowners are taking advantage of the skills available through an experienced, full service landscape company like Eastern Landscaping.
  • BUILT-IN FEATURES – Another great idea in hardscaping construction is to add built-in features to patios, dining areas and other types of outdoor living spaces. Built-in planters made from natural stone or other materials are popular with hardscaping design in Rhode Island because they can be filled with flowers and other plants according to the season. Built-in benches, retaining walls and water features all fall into the category of built-in features.
  • ADDING FIRE – What is it about outdoor living space features that include fire that just get everyone all excited? From built-in fireplaces to fire pits, free standing heaters and LED fireplaces, we are all enamored with the idea of adding fire to our backyards. Whether your goal is to roast hot dogs under the stars with the kids or to create a romantic mood for living or dining space, there are many options available through your local hardscaping construction provider to help you to create your perfect space.

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