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Professional Seasonal Trimming, Pruning & Care in Rhode Island

seasonal trimming and pruning in northern rhode islandWhile many people think that winter means no services will be possible from their full service landscaping company outside the removal of trees or bushes damaged in seasonal storms, the truth is that winter is the perfect time to prune and trim trees. After most of the leaves have fallen, the natural structure of the tree becomes more visible and easier to trim according to the needs of the tree itself, as well as the customer and its surroundings. Any structural issues, potential damage, and other areas that require immediate attention can be identified quickly and adjusted with professional landscape design services and care. Eastern Landscaping offers a wide range of winter landscape preparation options, winter tree pruning and trimming services, and spring lawn care in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts to keep your property looking and functioning at its best.

Why Trim and Prune in the Winter?

Winter is a very popular time to prune trees for many reasons. Our services can be used for emergency care following a storm if the damage is noticed. They can also be used for winter landscape prevention to ensure that trees and branches are not too close to buildings, walkways, power lines, and other areas of concern. We can evaluate the condition and health of the tree, identify any structural defects and storm damage, and even assist with annual shaping and care to ensure a long and healthy life for the tree itself. Pruning is used to alter the form and growth of the plant, so it is essential to evaluate the needs of the tree and safety concerns for the property before any cuts are made.

Trees are typically dormant during a New England winter, after the temperature drops to a certain point and stays there for a period of time. Trimming or pruning during this time is better for the tree, as the fresh wounds caused by pruning are only exposed for a short period of time before the new spring growth period begins. After the leaves have fallen, the tree does not manufacture sugar, so there is no interruption to the natural growth cycle. This means it is less stressful for the tree when these services are performed during the winter and in the spring; growth can begin with the buds that are on the remaining branches. Insects and disease are also less of a concern during the winter months, as many in the spring and summer are attracted to fresh cuts. The tree has time to heal during the winter before the bugs and warm weather diseases get going, so it stands a better chance of survival.

Many Reasons to Prune Trees

You might wonder why people prune trees at all, considering the risks to growth cycles, insects, and tree diseases. However, there are many times when pruning and trimming are required for the overall health of the plant and the safety of property and people in the surrounding area. It is essential to hire a full service landscaping company like Eastern Landscaping with the knowledge, experience, training, and equipment to remove dead, dying, or diseased branches to promote proper tree health. Virtually all trees found in urban areas will benefit significantly from this type of cleaning and care. Safety issues, including weak or damaged branch removal, the cutting back of limbs that hang over structures, parking areas, or walkways, should be provided with immediate attention.

Trees and shrubs, and bushes are often planted to provide a specific purpose within a residential or commercial property. Borders and barriers, privacy, and aesthetics are often the primary areas of concern. Pruning can help control the size and shape of trees and shrubs, which also helps keep the plants properly proportioned to enhance the look and feel of the property as a whole. Pruning should be done by a professional service that cares not just about the safety and appearance of the property but also the health and welfare of the plants themselves. Care should be taken to minimize the amount of pruning and trimming done each year, removing no more than 25 percent of the crown to reduce distress and improve the condition of the tree.

Contact Eastern Landscaping directly to discuss your winter landscape preparation needs and lay the groundwork for spring lawn care in Rhode Island. As a full service landscaping company serving clients in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, you can take advantage of our tree trimming and pruning, lawn preparation and maintenance, and landscape design services. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 and speak with one of our team members about your needs for professional landscaping services today!

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