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Professional Lawn Care and Rhode Island Landscaping Services

There are two ways to take care of commercial property landscaping. The first option is to do it yourself, having your on-site maintenance crew take care of mowing, edging, and clearing away the debris. The second option is to outsource the work and hire landscape maintenance services to come onto your property and do it for you. Most commercial property owners opt to hire landscaping companies in Rhode Island for several different reasons. Determining which option is best for your commercial property will depend on the size of the property itself, the experience of your crew with landscaping, and your budget. However, it is essential to understand that it’s not always cheaper to do Rhode Island landscaping services in-house than it is to hire a team of professionals.

Why a Full Service Landscaping Company is Cheaper

When you compare the costs associated with building your own in-house landscape maintenance services department to outsourcing with landscaping companies in Rhode Island, it becomes clear why outsourcing is more cost-effective. The cost for the mowing, edging, and trimming equipment, combined with disposable costs for clearing out trash, waste, and clippings, as well as investments in grass seed, fertilizer, weed killer, and other landscaping products, can be significantly more than hiring someone to do it all for you. On top of the equipment and products required to keep your commercial property looking its best, you will also need to hire additional staff or train existing staff to provide your Rhode Island landscaping services.

Finding a place on-site to store all of this equipment, hazardous materials, and other products or keeping seed, soil, and other seasonal items, as needed, can also be a challenge. Even if you already have a shed or maintenance storage on-site, you might not be able to safely mix landscaping products with other materials used by your maintenance crew for cleaning and property repairs. You will want to check with local regulations to determine what requirements are mandated for the storage – even temporarily – of these products and chemicals at your property. This might be more work for an already busy property manager or commercial property owner than it is worth.

Experienced, Skilled Landscape Professionals

When you hire our team of highly trained and experienced landscaping technicians, you will get quality results designed to improve the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property. When planned and executed properly, a full service landscaping company can help enhance your property’s market value. If you lease out space to other businesses, a well-kept property will make it more attractive and allow you to increase your profits by leasing it out at a higher price. A well-maintained property is considered to be safe, as well. Well-placed plants and security lighting can help employees and visitors to feel safe day and night when they visit your property.

Customers, clients, and other visitors to the property will also notice when you utilize landscape maintenance services to your advantage. Before these visitors ever get to your offices or commercial shops, they arrive by driving into the parking lot and walk through the property. Quality landscaping is a great way to make a positive first impression that will create additional value for your business. Studies show that well-kept properties that feature seasonal landscaping elements bring in a higher percentage of new customers than properties that have dull or minimal natural features. Green grass, clean sidewalks, trees, bushes, and colorful flowers near signage and other focal points will make your property more attractive and inviting.

Rhode Island Landscaping Services

At Eastern Landscaping, we put the goals and needs of our customers first. You are our priority. When you hire our team to do a single job or commit to a contract for long-term landscape maintenance services, we go above and beyond to meet or exceed expectations. From landscaping design and maintenance to flower bed care and seasonal ornamental pruning, our full service landscape company can provide you with all the services you need to keep your commercial property looking its best. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our customer service agents and schedule an on-site consultation to get our NO COST estimate for professional Rhode Island landscaping services.

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