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Professional Landscape Design and Lawn Care in Rhode Island

Beautiful landscapes don’t just happen naturally, or by accident, they are planned. Commercial properties looking to upgrade, enhance, or make significant changes to landscape design and lawn care can benefit from hiring a professional designer. There are many landscaping companies in Rhode Island, but if your goal is to find low maintenance solutions that look great and provide long-lasting, sustainable beauty, you need to find a team that is experienced in professional landscape design.

Full service landscaping should include more than just weekly lawn mowing and edging, plus regular trimming of bushes and trees. Design services should be employed that help to beautify the property while creating solutions that are good for the local environment. An intelligent approach to landscape design and lawn care includes a mixture of natural plants and groundcover combined with hardscaping elements for maximum effect. This method will help the property look its best year-round, rain or shine.

Start With a Plan
The best way to start any project that involves landscaping design and low maintenance solutions is to begin with a plan. What do you hope to get out of the project? Are there elements that you would like to have removed? Are there areas that you want to expand upon or change? Make sure to convey your ideas and goals to the landscaping companies in Rhode Island when they come out to put in a bid. Schedule time with the full service landscaping company’s designer so you can provide them with as much information as possible about what you want to do with the property.

Once you have discussed your ideas, the company will provide you with a detailed bid, outlining all of the things that you agreed upon for the property. They will also make creative suggestions and provide you with an architectural landscaping plan that shows where plants, hardscaping features, and other elements will be installed. A schedule of work should also be provided, so you will know what to expect – and when. This is extremely helpful for busy commercial properties, such as retail, office, and medical complexes, or commercial residential properties, such as apartment complexes, condominium communities, and home owner’s association (HOA) developments.

Reduce Consumption & Maintenance
One of the biggest goals in landscape design and lawn care today is to help commercial property owners reduce their overall carbon footprint by finding new ways to reduce energy and water consumption. Low maintenance solutions are preferred in today’s earth-conscious environment compared to the expansive perfectly manicured lawns of just a few years ago. Full service landscaping can be reduced to basic maintenance of the property, lowering energy costs, water consumption, and overhead for outsourcing services to landscaping companies in Rhode Island.

Reducing the amount of maintenance required has lots of great benefits. The property is useful a larger percentage of the time, instead of being crowded with gardeners and maintenance staff just to keep things looking their best. The use of drought-tolerant native plants can help reduce the need for irrigation, which can also require many man hours of maintenance and upkeep throughout the year. Overall, intelligent landscape design and lawn care can save your business thousands upon thousands of dollars each year in energy and maintenance related costs, while creating a professional-looking appearance that is designed to enhance the look of your commercial property.

Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc.
If you are in the market for full service landscaping, design, and maintenance from reputable landscaping companies in Rhode Island, make sure to contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. We have many years of experience providing low maintenance solutions for landscape design and lawn care for commercial clients throughout Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

From plantings to sod work, hardscape construction to snow removal, Eastern Landscaping, Inc. provides a broad range of property maintenance services designed to help your property look it’s very best. If you are interested in learning more about our services or would like to get an estimate for your next design project, just give us a call at 401-766-9035. Our team will come out to your property and provide you with a NO COST estimate.

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