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Prepare Your Property for Summer with Rhode Island Hardscaping

summer hardscaping in rhode islandWhile it might only be the beginning of spring, many New Englanders are already looking forward to summer. After a long, cold winter filled with snow, ice, and storms, it is time to get outdoors and enjoy a bit of nature and sunshine. One way to expand your outdoor experience this year is to consider designing and constructing outdoor living space in Rhode Island. Perfect for residential, multi-family residential, and commercial properties alike, hardscaping construction can enhance and add value to any property, making it more useful and aesthetically pleasing. From pool decks to patios, and water features to covered picnic areas, basketball courts, and garden walkways or paths, hardscape design and construction can be used to create beautifully functional spaces throughout your property.

Custom Hardscape Design and Construction

Every property is different and has unique requirements that must be met in order to achieve outdoor landscaping and hardscaping goals. Retaining walls can be used to actually hold back soil or to create secure areas to prevent visitors from entering employee-only or protected spaces. Patios can be for outdoor cooking and dining, as well as entertaining or special events. Full-service hardscaping includes design and construction, as well as ongoing maintenance services to help protect your outdoor investments. Low-maintenance solutions are often provided for hardscaping elements, which only need to be cleaned of dirt and debris on an annual or seasonal basis. It is much more cost-effective to maintain a path made of stone or pavers than to mow a lawn or keep up with a growing flower bed.

Landscape lighting and outdoor fixtures, such as wood decks, sheds, and arbors, can also be part of your outdoor living space in Rhode Island. Strategically placed and crafted to maximize functionality while maintaining the desired aesthetic, these elements can become valuable areas of your property. Repairing cracked and crumbling walkways or patios and replacing them with natural stone and other materials can increase the value of your property, whether you are in the market to sell – or not. As a professional hardscaping construction and design company, we work with each client to create a custom plan of action to help meet or exceed expectations. Our knowledge, skill, and experience in the area of full service hardscaping can work to your advantage and ensure you get the features and property you have always wanted.

The Right Tools and Equipment

You cannot possibly achieve all of your goals in the area of outdoor living space in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts if you don’t have the right tools and equipment for the job. Our team of talented designers and skilled technicians work with the latest technology and equipment to ensure that all of your creative ideas and functional needs can come to life. Hardscaping construction is a valuable investment that will last for many years with proper attention and care. Our custom solutions can be tailored to suit your needs, goals, and financial requirements to give you the best return on your investment.

We can offer full service hardscaping services year-round, breaking ground to put in a new patio or build a retaining wall, regardless of the time of year. Due to our use of professional tools and heavy-duty construction equipment, we don’t need to wait for the ground to thaw to get to work. You can start planning your new outdoor living space or hardscaping elements at any time to help get prepared for the summer months. Get the most out of your outdoor experience with hardscaping features like waterfalls, fountains, and river bed streams to create a beautiful oasis in your own backyard. Contact Eastern Landscaping to get a free estimate for our services for hardscape design and construction or visit our website to see our portfolio of work that we have done for other clients in the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts region.

Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to learn more about all the landscaping and hardscaping construction services available through Eastern Landscaping. We can schedule a NO-COST estimate and on-site consultation to help you get the outdoor living space in Rhode Island that you have always wanted for your property.

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