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Popular Commercial Hardscaping Design in Northern Rhode Island

northern rhode island hardscaping designWhen most people think about Rhode Island hardscaping elements, they picture patios and fire pits, along with other popular residential projects. At Eastern Landscaping, we offer a wide range of commercial, residential, and multi-family residential hardscape construction in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. So while we do install the occasional patio and fire pit in someone’s backyard, we primarily work with hardscape and landscape construction services on a much larger scale. Hardscaping can include many features seen in commercial properties that work to improve the aesthetic appeal, function, and security for employees, tenants, customers, and other visitors to the property. When done right, hardscaping design in Rhode Island can even increase the value of the property itself.

What is Hardscaping?

In the simplest of terms, hardscaping is a service that utilizes materials like stone, rock, pavers, brick, concrete, tile, and other “hard” elements within an outdoor space. Contrary to “soft” materials used by landscape construction services, including grasses, trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, and other living plants, Rhode Island hardscaping is considered a low maintenance solution that reduces requirements for irrigation and ongoing care. Used frequently in urban planning projects to make more functional use of space, hardscaping construction in Northern Rhode Island can be seen in the creation of walkways, driveways, fountains, ponds, pools, retaining walls, built-in planter boxes, seating, decking, and patios. A significant feature in the design of courtyards, parks, commercial properties, playgrounds, apartment complexes, condominiums, homeowners association (HOA) properties, and corporate office structures, the best result includes a combination of hardscaping and landscaping elements for balance.

Eastern Landscaping is a team of professional designers and technicians that can provide commercial clients with top-quality landscaping and hardscaping design in Rhode Island and parts of Southeastern Massachusetts. We have worked for many years as local landscape contractors, but we also have the equipment, knowledge, and training necessary to design, install, construct, and maintain hardscaping elements and projects. We work with each client to develop and deliver services that will tailor to their unique needs and vision for the property. Modern outdoor living spaces incorporate so much function and aesthetic benefit, which can be used to enhance and increase the usefulness of commercial properties. Instead of mass amounts of lawn that requires a lot of water, maintenance, and seasonal services, hardscaping offers cost-savings opportunities that actively work to reduce the amount of work necessary to effectively maintain them, while making your property more structured and functional at the same time.

How Hardscaping Increases Value

You might think that investing in design and hardscape construction in Northern Rhode Island would not have a large return on investment, but the truth is that it can make a significant difference in the real estate value of commercial properties. Whether your goal is to establish an outdoor break area for your staff, create areas that would support outside activities for customers, or even spaces that might attract business to your property, Eastern Landscaping can help. We can repair or remove cracked and crumbling walkways, patios, and other existing elements or replace them with beautiful stone paths, wood decks, and other modern hardscaping materials. The addition of fountains, ponds, pools, landscape lighting, retaining walls, pathways, arbors, gazebos, and patios can increase the active value of your property, whether you are in the market to sell or lease space to tenants.

Our knowledge and skills in this area are what really separates Eastern Landscaping from other landscape construction services in the local area. Our custom Rhode Island hardscaping solutions can be tailored to meet your functional needs, creative ideas, and financial requirements. In addition to providing design and hardscape construction, our team can also offer ongoing maintenance and custom landscape solutions designed to help maintain the look and feel of your new outdoor living space. We can offer planting services to be used in conjunction with your new retaining walls, concrete planters, stone flower bed areas, and other elements to balance out landscaping and hardscaping for a more cohesive and professional result.

Get started today by contacting our team directly – just call Eastern Landscaping at 401-766-9035. We can provide a complete NO COST estimate for our services, make suggestions regarding Rhode Island hardscaping for your property, and answer any questions you might have about landscaping and hardscaping design in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

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