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There are certain situations when plantings are required to create or maintain a property, whether it is residential or commercial in nature. After the winter season passes, there is often a need to make repairs and replacements. Fences, trees, shrubs, plants and even grass can get knocked over, squished and ruined, depending on the amount of snow and ice that we receive this time of year. Hiring a professional to take care of tree and shrub installation, sod and seed installation, ornamental pruning and flower bed care can help Woonsocket homeowners and property owners in the surrounding area to recover beautifully.


Trying New Ideas

One way to really pull everything all together and make it work is to review the current state of your property and figure out what needs to be repaired, removed and replaced. The spring and summer months are a great time to explore ideas regarding handscaping and landscaping features. In some cases dramatic work is required, but in most cases, the addition of a brand new tree and shrub installation or a flower bed can make all of the difference. Consider including sod and seed installation to new areas on your property to make everything more cohesive.


Perfect Timing

When it comes to adding new things to your property, timing can be everything. Adding brand new trees, bushes, plants and grass is a great way to refresh the look and feel of your residential or commercial property, but it is important to add them at the right time. Woonsocket homeowners and commercial property owners should work with the technicians at Eastern Landscaping to ensure that all tree and shrub installations, sod and seed installations and other major efforts are being done at the right time and in the right way.


Professional Planting Services

Whatever you decide to add to your property, make sure to work with a company that has all of the experience, training and skills to help you achieve your goals. Eastern Landscaping is owned and operated by a team of educated and knowledgeable managers and technicians who can help you with everything from sod and seed installation to tree and shrub installation, ornamental pruning flower to flower bed care and everything in between. Give us a call at (401) 766-9035 for a FREE consultation for Woonsocket homeowners and commercial property owners throughout Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.