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Plan Rhode Island Hardscaping Now to Be Ready in the Summer

Rhode Island hardscaping designRight about now, you’re probably sitting there wishing for hot summer days. Until then, use this “downtime” in the winter to begin planning your hardscape construction design for your commercial property. Consider new ways to reduce daily and weekly maintenance for your crew or landscaping services by incorporating hardscaping design in New England. Not only will this approach to Rhode Island hardscape design reduce the number of lawn areas that you need to maintain, but it will also increase value and enhance the function of your property. Depending on the project that you choose, Rhode Island hardscaping can become a real win/win for property managers and owners.

Community Areas

One of the ways that we help commercial property owners to increase the value of their property is through the development of community area. This is an excellent idea for all types of commercial businesses, from employee-only break areas with built-in seating and privacy walls to residential community spaces for picnics, barbecues, and parties. Community areas can also be built at large shopping malls and other retail centers to provide outdoor space for customers to hang out and spend time during a visit. Strategically placed near a food court or adorned with food carts during fair weather, this can be a great way to enhance your services and create opportunities to attract more people to your business.

Security Strategies

Another way that Rhode Island hardscaping can be used to your advantage is in the design and development of secured areas. There may be places that you do not want your customers or other property visitors to wander. Instead of putting up big and imposing iron gates all over the place, consider a well-built retaining wall, landscape adorned fencing or another decorative design. Following a wandering path might lead customers to a warehouse, delivery, or another secured area, but if you work with hardscape construction design, you can point them in the direction that you want them to go. Include quality security lighting and ambient lighting opportunities into your Rhode Island hardscape design for great-looking and functional results day and night.

Landscaping Enhancements

A well-kept lawn and some colorful flower beds can look great for just about any type of commercial property. However, there are things you can do with hardscaping design in New England that will further enhance the look of your property. Built-in curbing around flower beds or hardscape elements that feature planter boxes and other raised landscaping are very popular with commercial property owners. Finding new and unique ways to highlight business signage while offering low maintenance solutions is one of the areas where we have a lot of experience. Keep visitors off the lawn and away from sensitive plants by creating walkways and pathways that have built-in features to let them look without stepping on something valuable. Statues, fountains, and other focal elements should also be included to enhance the property further.

Specialized Areas

Some commercial property owners are looking for solutions that allow them to create dedicated areas for certain types of guests. Play areas for children or “dog parks” for visiting pets can make it a lot easier to keep the overall property neat, clean, and safe. Fenced in playground areas don’t have to look like an elementary institution, but can be artistic, colorful, and attractive to passersby. You want the space to be inviting, attracting families that will bring their kids to the outdoor space so the adults can shop or go to restaurants within the commercial property. The same is true for dog parks, which should have trees, grassy areas, free “waste bags” and hand-washing stations to help keep everything sanitary and fun. While your crew will still need to visit these spaces daily to check for “missed items” and clean out trash bins, it will reduce the amount of damage done on a property that doesn’t offer these services.

Event Space

Another popular Rhode Island hardscape design element is to include event space designed to attract large crowds or offer outdoor opportunities during the spring and summer months. Some of the events that will bring in the visitors include art fairs, food trucks, special retail “tent” sales, charity or social awareness events, music festivals, and celebrity gatherings. You can use these types of events to your advantage, creating attractive incentives for prospective tenants in leased space retail outlets or shopping malls. Creating a special space for outdoor events starts with quality hardscape construction design. Our team will work with you to identify your needs and make sure that all of the required elements are included.

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