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Patios and Walks in Rhode Island Can Add Value to Your Home

Installing paver bricks on patioWhile you might not be thinking about outdoor living space in Smithfield right about now, by summertime you will be glad that you started planning your hardscaping construction projects now. Eastern Landscaping can help you design low maintenance solutions that will look great all year long. Data from real estate agents in the local area reveal that adding patios and walks in Rhode Island can help to add value to your home, allowing you to sell it faster and for more money when you get ready to put it on the market.

A patio is more than just a place to go in your backyard. It is a tiny retreat that can be used on a weekend afternoon or a great space for a family barbecue. Today’s patios are more than just a simple slab of concrete. Hardscaping construction and design is a big business and you can choose from a wide variety of materials, sizes and shapes to create a space all of your own. Our team of design experts can help you make a beautiful patio or walkway for your home that will complement the look and style of your structure, while enhancing the function of your property.

What is a Patio?
There are many reasons why patios are appealing to prospective home buyers. Visions of summertime parties, spring days in the sun and fun fall activities with the kids abound at just a glimpse of beautiful patios and walks in Rhode Island. As low maintenance solutions, they look great with just a little attention and cleaning, unlike lawns and flower beds that require a lot more time. Enhance the appeal of your patio space by making it user-friendly. Without complicating the space too much, add some basic furniture and accessories that will make it even more inviting. The goal is to get home shoppers to picture themselves enjoying your home. That is what really makes a property sell, even in a slow market.

Tips for Creating a Patio
It is important to choose the right style and size of patio based upon your home’s property. A small backyard can look cramped and even tinier if it is crowded out by a large patio that takes up most of the yard. Green grass, shrubs, trees and other landscaping elements are also important and should not be forgotten when designing your new outdoor living space in Smithfield. Speak with your hardscaping construction company about the type of space you want and how much you want to invest. While there is a high return on investment for outdoor living space in New England, it is important not to try to do too much customization if your goal is just to sell your home.

Choose a patio that is proportionately designed to fit your yard and the style of your home. A beautiful Spanish tile patio would look out of place next to a traditional Cape Cod, but lovely paver patios and walks in Rhode Island might be just the ticket. Make sure to design your outdoor living space so that the patio is near an entry to your home, such as a living room area slider door or a kitchen door. Kitchen doors are convenient for barbecuing and other types of outdoor cooking and entertaining. Make sure to choose a spot that will provide you with some privacy from the neighbors. You don’t want to create an outdoor living area that you won’t use because you feel like you are being watched. Think about what you will do there – listen to music, entertain friends, read a book, sunbathe or visit with your children – and design accordingly.

Patios With a Purpose
Another approach to hardscaping construction is to design a patio with a purpose. Outdoor living space in Smithfield and all around the local area is becoming more and more popular. Homeowners are creating living spaces that are designed to serve a specific purpose, either for relaxing, entertaining or both. Keep the idea of creating low maintenance solutions in mind while designing your patios and walks in Rhode Island. Think about hosing them off and what it will take to keep these areas clean.

Some ideas of patios with a purpose include:

  • outdoor kitchens with counters, preparation areas, stoves, refrigerators and other extras
  • outdoor living rooms with couches, chairs, curtains, decorative items and lighting
  • outdoor dining areas with large dining tables, bench seating or chairs for entertaining
  • outdoor party room with plenty of seating, an outdoor bar and other necessities
  • outdoor play area for kids with picnic tables, recreational equipment and more

Call Eastern Landscaping for Hardscaping Construction
For a FREE estimate on designing and building patios and walks in Rhode Island, contact Eastern Landscaping by calling 401-766-9035. Our team of highly trained and experienced outdoor living space designers and builders will visit your home and provide you with ideas for low maintenance solutions. We have created outdoor living space in Smithfield and the surrounding area for residential and commercial clients. Give us a call today or use our online form to get a NO COST estimate for any of our hardscaping, landscaping and property maintenance services.

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