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Northern Rhode Island Planning to Prep for Spring Landscaping

By the time January and February roll around, most homeowners in the northeastern region have already started dreaming about spring. If you are anxious to start making plans for spring lawn care in Rhode Island, there’s no better time than the present. You can hire local Glocester landscape contractors who can help you with all of your planting, seeding, maintenance, and design plans. In fact, if you start working with landscape maintenance services to create a plan of attack right now, you will be ready to “break ground” as soon as it thaws.

Hire a Landscape Designer
Contact a trusted local landscape company to help you get started. Whether you want our team to plant everything for you or if you just want assistance with hardscaping, sloping, grading or Rhode Island sod and seed, we can help you achieve your goals. Some homeowners want full service lawn care, while others only want to hire professionals for the big projects. We can give you a NO COST estimate, provide you with details on a schedule and deadline for your overall project, and even assist you with making plans for landscape maintenance services once you get everything all put into place.

Get Your Soil Tested
As soon as possible, have the team of Glocester landscape contractors send a technician out to test the pH of your soil. This is a very important step, as the pH of your soil can greatly affect the way that everything grows, from spring lawn care in Rhode Island to trees, shrubs, bushes, and flower gardens. While most native species will grow well within the local area, if your pH is off, you could still have a tough time achieving success.

Create a Wish List
Before the season arrives, spend some time looking online or checking out landscaping and gardening magazines to find ideas that you want to employ in your yard. Whether your goal is to increase your outdoor living space, design your own custom built-in fire pit and seating area, or a beautiful flower bed that changes with the seasons. Share your ideas with your team of professional landscape designers when you start discussing plans for Rhode Island sod and seed, so alterations can be made to create space for these projects. Your designer will let you know if the ideas are practical for the space and can also give you a NO COST estimate so you will know exactly what to expect.

Establish a Budget
It is also a good idea to know how much you have to spend on landscape maintenance services and hardscaping construction. Depending on the projects that you want to complete, the cost could range between just a couple hundred dollars to up in the thousands. However, it is important to note that many of the services available for spring lawn care in Rhode Island can contribute positively to the value of your home. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, a well-placed walkway, fountain, patio, deck or garden could boost the amount of money that you get for your home and increase interest in the property overall. A well-planned project with professional Glocester landscape contractors could provide you with an excellent return on your investment.

Take Your Time
The best advantage to thinking about the work that you are going to do in the spring during the winter months is that you have the opportunity to take your time without feeling rushed to do anything about it right away. There are a lot of things to consider and starting to make plans months ahead of time can help you to avoid making costly mistakes. Deciding between using Rhode Island sod and seed, choosing the best trees for the location, selecting the best flowers for your sunny flower bed – you can do research online or ask your contractors for advice. Once you make your decisions, you can share them with your landscape maintenance services contractor and start making plans.

Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. for Spring Services
If you are thinking about remodeling your landscape or adding hardscaping elements to your property, contact our team at Eastern Landscaping for spring lawn care in Rhode Island. Our team of highly trained and experienced Glocester landscape contractors can help you with a wide variety of projects, from basic maintenance to seasonal renovations, hardscaping construction to yard clean-up, and a whole lot more. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to get a NO COST estimate for your upcoming project.

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